Successful Summer Selling

Selling your home in the middle of summer is sometimes a bit more tricky than other times of the year. The distraction of summer activities, holiday vacations and the general relaxed tone of the season can provide more challenges to the real estate process, but it is certainly not impossible.

Here are a few tips to help you attract house-hunters, get an offer to buy and help you enjoy the rest of your summer:

Temperature Control - You can't control the heat or humidity outside and it may be less than ideal for open houses and house hunting. However, you can ensure that your home has good ventilation and air flow and create the best environment for visitors. Keep the A/C at a comfortable temperature; a setting that ensures that guests are not too cold, but low enough that entering your home feels like a happy escape from the muggy outdoors. If you don't have air conditioning, make sure that you have fans circulating air in all the rooms, keep windows open and keep lightweight curtains or blinds positioned to block sun but still allow any outdoor breeze to move through the house.

Tend To Your Lawn - This is the time of year when the grass grows the fastest and you probably feel the least like pushing around a lawnmower, but it's a really important part of selling your home. Keep on top of your grass growth with regular mowing, but don't cut it too short, you want to leave it long enough to look lush and healthy. Try mowing on the diagonal to add dimension and curb appeal. Make sure that you dig out or treat all the weeds as well, potential homeowners don't want to be saddled with a lawn that has more weeds than grass.

Lightly Scented - Oftentimes when owners are showing their homes, they are concerned that the house doesn't smell inviting enough. Whether it's pet odour or dampness, it can be tempting to overuse air fresheners and scented candles. This could be a problem for sensitive house hunters who may be turned off buy overpowering scents. Also you run the risk of prospective buyers being concerned that the heavy odours are covering up something problematic in the home. Try a light smelling citrus water or cinnamon potpourri, a vase of flowers with a gentle scent or just try baking a batch of cookies before an open house etc.

Curb Appeal - “Curb Appeal” is the magical term that refers to anything around the exterior of your home that makes passers-by want stop and admire. When potential buyers drive up, “curb appeal” is the landscaping, decorative touches, maintenance and care that will inspire them to envision themselves living in this home. Spread out new topsoil and mulch to freshen all the non-grass areas. Trim the bushes and unruly trees, weed the flower beds and plant some colourful flowers. Hose down the walkway and driveway and pick up any debris or garbage that may have blown into your yard. The goal is to spruce up your property enough to entice visitors and inspire buyers to feel welcome and comfortable walking into your house.

Outside Living Space - The only thing better than showing buyers that beautiful indoor living space you are selling, is to also highlight the beauty and utility of the outdoor space as well. Clean and tidy up the patio furniture, buy some new outdoor cushions, potted planters, solar garden lamps or hanging candles etc. Don't overdo it, but you want to create a space that allows visitors to imagine entertaining their friends as well as helping them see the extra living space they will get if they buy your home. 

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