Time to De-Clutter Your Home


Now that we are into the fall season, it's time to start clearing out some of the clutter around your home. Why wait until Spring?

Planning to sell your house in the next few months? It's a good idea to start eliminating some of the extra things that have accumulated over the years in your closets and storage spaces. Imagine showing your home to potential buyers!

Thinking of buying a house? You will have to pack up your current home, and that job will be much easier if you don't have unnecessary clutter.

Here are 10 tips to most effectively achieve a clutter-free home:

  1. Declutter for 15 minutes every day. It’s amazing how much progress you can make if you just do it in small increments. Take the big job, one task at a time. 

  2. Everything in it's place. Pick up 5 things, and find them each a home. These should be things that you actually use, but never seem to belong in a specific place. Then always put those things in those spots when you’re done using them. Do this for everything in your home, a few things at a time. 

  3. Start in the corner. In each room, begin at the corner by the door and move your way around the room, attending to the superficial stuff first – clear surfaces, empy the garbage, pick up papers etc. Then start at that corner again and dig a little deeper, opening cupboards and drawers cleaning up and organizing each area. 

  4. Declutter one room. Instead of puttering around the whole house, do one room at a time. Once you see the first room completed you will be motivated to move on to the next room. To feel greater success, start with the toughest room first while your resolve is strong. As your interest and motivation wanes, the rooms will feel easier. 

  5. Donate what you're done with. That way when you won't feel bad about getting rid of things if you know that they are going to a good cause. When you have a box full, drop it off at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. 

  6. Six Month Rule: If you haven’t worn or used an item in 6 months or more, let it go. If they’re seasonal clothes, store them in a clearly marked box. Get rid of the rest. Do this a little at a time until your closet only contains items that you actually wear. 

  1. Enlist some help. Other people don’t have the same emotional attachment that you might have to individual items. This person should be able to help you see which things you can let go of, but can still respect if something important should be kept. 

  1. Family Lost and Found. On the go? No time to run around putting away random items? Designate a basket or bucket, in the front hall closet or at the bottom of the stairs, the lost and found.Whenever you find something out of place, put it in the basket. Family members can search there first or periodically take the basket out and distribute the items to where they belong. 

  2. Miscellaneous Inbox. Papers often account for a lot of our clutter on the counter, the table, in a drawer etc. Designate an inbox basket, and don’t put down papers anywhere but that spot. Mail, school papers, receipts, notices? Put them in the basket. Junk mail and flyers? Put those directly in the blue box for recycling! 

  3. Stop the flow of clutter. Whether you are just getting started on decluttering or you’ve already done the work, stop bringing new stuff into your home. Even if that’s all you do for now, it will make a big impact

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