What To Do This Weekend

If you are wondering how on earth you are going to make the best use of your time this holiday weekend, the answer is simple...enjoy it. There are lots of home renovation projects and pesky household chores that you have been putting off all winter and spring. But this is a fantastic weekend that celebrates the birth of our nation; and painting the new bathroom walls is not an urgent priority, there's time for all those boring jobs. But it's time for you to start crossing off all the carefree fun things on your to-do list. Here are some ideas just to get you started, and don't worry, most are free or inexpensive, so you'll still have funds left over when you decide to re-do the deck or finish your basement.

Take a Walk – Really walk or hike somewhere, the fresh, air and exercise will be invigorating. Better yet, take a friend with you and enjoy some conversation.

Farmer's Market - Most towns and villages have a weekend summer market that sells fruit, vegetables and some artisan items. Take a stroll, patron your local farmers and vendors, meet others in 

Hit The Beach – Whether you are thinking of hitting a local beach like Kelso Conservation Area, Burlington Beach, or the Toronto Harbourfront, Cobourg, or expanding your search to include Sauble Beach, Grandbend or Turkey Point, there is sure to be a local beach that will help you have a relaxing weekend with some sun and sand.the community and make the most of a Saturday morning visit to the farmers market.

Barbecue With Friends – If you have recently moved into the neighbourhood, this is the perfect chance to get to know your neighbours by hosting a barbeque with some of the folks that live next door. If you have lived in your home for a while, it's all good, just make sure you try including a family you don't know quite as well as others.

Read a Book – This one is very important, of course you must get a handle on the chores and responsibilities, 

but sometimes you need to toss out your list, pick up a book and kick back for a couple of days. Getting engrossed in a novel is rejuvenating and will help clear your mind of clutter, and free up your brain to face the rest of life's clutter after your book is done.

Bake – Maybe you love to bake, maybe you have never even made a chocolate chip cookie. But this weekend, try  your hand at making a cake or cookies or even some banana bread to fill your home with the fresh baked smell of a weekend well-spent.

Purge – We definitely want you to kick back and enjoy this long weekend, but some people find that they lack the time in their regular daily schedule to get even simple things done. Getting knee deep into the basement or garage to pull out garbage, clutter and unused items might be just the ticket to help you feel unburdened by so many boxes andbags of things that you may never use again. Do it. Purge what you don't need anymore. *Be sure to donated any of you're gently used items to the local Goodwill.

Sleep In – This undoubtedly goes against everything you anticipate in a to-do list, but the truth is, sometimes it's fun to just ignore the alarm clock and sleep a few minutes longer. After all, once you start renovating again, there will be no time to sleep in and you will be kicking yourself if you miss the opportunity now.

Plan – Whether it's a family vacation, group bible study, work projects, scrapbooking projects, home reno's, purging, decorating, re-organizing, or simply reading, it's important to have a plan. When you have some downtime, find a few moments in your day to plan out and itemize tasks for each day or for the days that follow your little weekend off. Coming back to the thick of things with a bit of a plan, will help you stay organized and feel productive in the coming weeks. 

Househunting - It really is the best time to look around your desired location, for the house of your dreams. Eveyone else is enjoying summer, gardens are in full bloom and people are feeling relaxed and amicable. Go look at some houses that are up for sale in your neighbourhoof. You never know what kind of home might be just around the corner!

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