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By: Ariel Kormendy | Award winning Realtor with Century 21 Miller Real Estate

congratulations!  You've decided (for whatever reason) to sell your home.  Before you do anything else, I want you take a step back and learn from my experiences.

What many sellers fail to do or what many Realtors fail to educate their sellers on, is fully understanding the process of selling your home and preparing it to achieve tremendous results.  For the purpose of this blog, I'm going to focus on that first step.  Typically, the first step that most sellers make is calling a local Realtor to arrange a time to tour the home and talk about marketing plans, staging advice and selling prices, etc.  

Here's my biggest advice to you, no matter which Realtor you chose to represent you in the sale... Sell your home to the Realtors!

That's right, the Realtor is one of the important puzzle pieces in your move and they need to be as impressed as prospective buyers do.  Since first impressions are extremely important, the way your home looks in an initial meeting can have significant influence on how the Realtor views your home, prices the home and how excited he/she will be to market the home.  This obviously can impact your final selling price too!  

The Realtor may help you with staging and providing additional tips on what you can do to really showcase your home, but I want to share with you three free and easy ways that you can impress any Realtor!

Chances are the Realtor will ask you to do these things anyway, so be prepared and impress him/her by being ready and motivated to sell - you'll be impressed with the end results!

Remove mess and clutter by packing, selling, donating or simply throwing things away.

Get rid of anything that you don't need anymore or simply don't want to take with you and pack/store away items that you won't be using or can live without until you move.


2 Clean everything!  Especially Floors, Bathrooms and Kitchens, which should be scrubbed and cleaned inside and out.  

A simple vinegar and citrus water will sanitize your home while leaving a fresh, clean smell.  Simply add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to 500ml of water, add a couple pieces of orange or lemon peel and you have an inexpensive solution to clean anything in your home!


You likely already know all the items around your home that need to be fixed.  From the leaky toilet to the nail pops in the walls or the paint touch-ups needed, take the time to repair any items you know are outstanding and will need to be completed before selling.



If you want to know what your home will sell for at any time, email us at info@kormendytrott.com or call us at 1-800-617-0090

No obligations and no costs!  Be prepared, the right way - call today!


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