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5 Great places for Breakfast in Milton.  Let's get hungry.

Ariel Kormendy By: Ariel Kormendy


If you're like me, you cherish a good breakfast on any day of the week, but most importantly, on weekends.  For a long time now, one of my favourite down-times of my week involves "going out" for a sit-down breakfast.  Let me preface by saying that Milton is a great Town and I truly have come to appreciate the little things that it offers.  Things that you only really find out once you live, work and play in one place on a regular basis for an extended period of time.  Places to eat are high on my priority list - I've tried all the local spots and decided that it's time to list some of my favourites to share with you.  Clients are always asking me where they can go to get a good breakfast or brunch.  Now I can direct them to this blog.  Problem solved.

This list is in no particular order.  It became quite difficult to rank with so many different variables and things to consider, I will instead rate each one on Food, Location, Atmosphere, Service and Price.  These seem to be primary factors for me when I consider returning to any food establishment.

Are any of these places perfect?  No.  Do they all have things I really like about them? Yes.

I continue the search for new places to try and ones to recommend to my friends & family and of course, our clients and followers, so please comment on this blog below and share your thoughts - I can always to talk food, Milton or Real Estate!



Grill Daddy has quickly made it's way into my top 5 list.  The former Restaurant Makeover recipient (Season 5) (under previous ownership, operated as "A Catered Affair's Cafe), is a quaint 25 seat family restaurant that offers a breakfast menu that won't leave you hungry and won't break the bank.

Located at 140 Main Street, this is a great spot to have breakfast and walk off the calories with a Downtown stroll, perhaps some window shopping followed by taking in the scenery at the Mill Pond a couple blocks away.  A great way to start the day!

Since the restaurant has been recently and professional renovated, you should like the contemporary, yet cozy look and feel.

The owner, Sri, can be seen working hard in the Kitchen, but always making time to greet his clients and ensuring his food is to your standards.  He puts pride in producing fresh food for you to enjoy.

Service is generally good, although can seem a bit hectic during the busy hours as there never seems to be more than one server at a time.  Be patient, the wait won't be longer than some of the bigger spots.  Have a coffee, just don't expect a trained Barista.  (Isn't it time that Milton bring great coffee's and great breakfast together?)

The food always comes out hot and fresh.  Is it fancy?  No.  Is it perfect?  No. Do you get a breakfast that you would be very content with?  Absolutely.  (they need to lose the parsley garnish)

There's a patio for 12, perfect for people watching on Main Street, just get their early and plan to wait, because when the weather warrants, this place is likely to get busy.

If you're looking for a home-style breakfast at a reasonable price, you should check this place out.  Don't look for their website... They don't have one. 

FOOD -  8/10



SERVICE - 8/10

PRICE - 8/10

Grill Daddy Milton
 Symposium Milton

Symposium made the top 5 list because of their range of menu options, a great patio and seamless integration into Lunch, Dinner and drinks.

Located at 611 Holly Ave, this lounge-style Cafe seems to cater to the south-end of town and local residents quite nicely.

This is a great spot to sit and chat for hours,  They provide you with a large menu for all times of the day and some tasty beverages, both hot & cold, alcoholic and non.

While sticking to the basic meal options will probably be your best bet, there is a wide range of items. 

On our visit, the Omelette was good - hot and plenty of cheese and cooked nicely.  The hollandaise on the Benny was a little thick and partially broken.  However, overall it was a nice meal. 

A huge bonus here is that during patio season, you can sit outside and not feel cramped or rushed.  Stay for a while and cap your breakfast off with a Bloody Caesar or a Mojito.  Just don't expect anywhere interesting to walk to afterwards, unless you live close by or stroll to the Coates Neighbourhood Park.

FOOD - 7/10

LOCATION - 8/10  (thanks to patio)


SERVICE - 7.5/10

PRICE - 7/10


Sunset Grill is my go-to spot for meetings with clients, since they offer two locations, a wide menu that caters to most needs and decent wi-fi.  Perfect, low-key location for wrapping up a Real Estate transaction.

With two locations, serving the South and East end of town and opening with sunrise at 6:30am (WHY does a place that's only open 'till 3pm have the word "Sunset" in their name?) you can expect a decent breakfast here.

Both locations are easily accessible and offer a small patio when weather permits.  Food is usually quite quick and served hot.  Service is not consistent, depending heavily on time and who's serving you (like anywhere else), but generally not bad at all.

My most recent experience was a bit disapointing, however.  I ordered a bagel and cream cheese with a side of fresh fruit.  The bagel itself was excellent, but quite puzzled by the packaged cream cheese, condiment-style.  (like the little to-go packets of sweet and sour sauce).  The fruit had a piece of plastic in it, which I did infact end up biting on and the bowl had reminence of what appeared to be cottage cheese.  Likley a spoon used to serve both items.

Was offered a 50% reduction in the price of the fruit bowl, which I happened to return after only having two pieces.

Other than that visit, this is certainly a place to try out for a basic breakfast at a reasonable price, especially if you like to have a strong internet connection, for catching up on emails, news, etc.

Stick to the eggs and ham/bacon/sausage and you'll enjoy.  I just wish their "homefries" had a bit more flavour & seasoning.

FOOD - 7/10



SERVICE - 8/10

PRICE - 7/10

 Sunset Grill Milton
 Cora's Breakfast Milton

Cora's is the Epitomy of Franchised Breakfast Restaurants and for that reason, it made my list. 

Consistency is pretty good here and let's agree that when you really like a meal, sometimes you just want to come back and have that same meal. At Cora's you can certainly do that.

The food is generally served in good portions and they have a HUGE list of offerings on the menu.

The options here are endless.  Whatever you want for breakfast, they have it.

Conveniently located on Ontario St. just outside the doors of the Milton Mall, you'll be promptly seated and get exactly what you see in the photo's.  The downside here is the pricing is on the high end.  Breakfast for 2 with beverages (coffee and juice for 2) can easily be in the $40+ range.

I dislike them serving the fruit on the same plate as the main entree.  Perhaps, that's my inner-child, but, I am not a fan of Bananas with Hollandaise.  That's just me.  I have since leaned to order the fruit on a separate plate and they gladly accomodate.

FOOD - 7/10



SERVICE - 8/10

PRICE - 6/10

 Fifth Wheel Truck Stop may not have been on your list of where to take your family for breakfast, but it really should be.

Easily one of my favourite spots for breakfast in Milton, this truck stop opens bright and early at 5:00am and gives you the sense of being "on-the-road".  A mini vacation if you let your mind go there.

They really do the truckers' breakfast right.  It's simple but tasty. 

Pricing is very competitive and you won't feel like you over pay for anything.  Coffee is good, just don't look for anything fancy.

Did I mention they have a buffet?  You heard me.  If you need that hang-over cure, come here.

I order from the menu almost every time.  The Double Classic gives you 2 eggs how you like 'em, two strips of bacon, two sausages and your choice of pancakes or french toast all for  $9.39.  Simple but delicious. 

But it's a truck stop, you say.  I have to tell you, I love the atmosphere here.  It reminds me of finding those places off the highway that really hit the spot.  They have a little souvenier shop and an arcade for the kids, because afterall, it is that spot off the highway.

This is also my favourite go-to for larger breakfast gatherings.  Whether it's a family and friend get-together or a business meeting, they can set you up and you'll be comfortable.

FOOD - 8/10

LOCATION - 7.5/10


SERVICE - 8/10

PRICE - 8.5/10


 5th Wheel Truck Stop Milton


Well, there you have it.  I've given you 5 great options for breakfast in Milton.  Whether you're a resident, passing through or just want a new place to visit, give these places a shot and let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading this blog - share it with your friends!

Bon Appetit :)



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