Duplicate Listings on the MLS

Written By:  Adrian Trott Sales Representative | The Kormendy Trott Team | Award Winning Milton Real Estate Agent

Are you tired of seeing duplicate listings of properties on REALTOR.ca?  We certainly are.  Today we give you the simple explanation as to why it happens and how it's killing the sale of your home.

When real estate agents list a home for sale, they input the information, photos, etc., into a real estae board's website and select an option during this process to push the information to the public MLS.  If a Realtor does this on more than one real estate board then the information is going to be pushed multiple times and show as a duplicate listing on public websites.

The problem with doing this is that not all boards allow high quality images to be uploaded, certain ones limit the amount of photos that can be used and also limit the characters allowed for the purpose of describing the home.

If your home is listed more than once there's a chance that buyers may come across the listing with a basic description and fewer photos of a lesser quality. They may also see both listings and assume that one of them is a previous listing and the home has been on the market for a while.

For more information on the different real estate boards and what they mean to you, check out this quick tips video or watch the one below for more info on duplicate listings.


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