How many homes should you visit before buying?


How many homes do buyers visit before purchasing?


We recently received some questions through social media about how many homes you should visit before buying a home.  This is not an easy question to answer, but here's a quick overview of what we typically encounter...

Our typical first-time home buyer will visit anywhere from 10-20 homes with us before getting a real feeling for what their budgeted amount will allow them to purchase.   There will also be some education along the way, reviewing different locations, upgrades, sizes and styes, etc.

We generally spend more time with "first-timers" educating them on locations and different syles of homes as this is generally the biggest variable when dealing with a budget.  It is extremely important to us that as a first-time home owner that you make a wise decision as it will be the foundation to build your future and equity to grow your family. 

As season veterans, buyers who have purchased a few homes in their life, generally have a better sense of what they want and need out of their new home and are generally more familiar with what their on-going home ownership costs will be so they can better budget. 

Generally speaking, a repeat buyer will view 8-10 homes with us on average before making their first offer. 

This all doesn't mean that a first-time buyer won't find their perfect home after viewing just a hand-full of homes and same goes for the experienced buyers, as they too may have to look at 10-20 homes or more to find the right one.

They key to success here is to ensure you have a well-planned budget and obtain a mortgage pre-approval from a broker or bank.  The next step we generally recommend is to sit down with all the decision makers (if there's more that one), take a plain sheet of paper and a pen and write down all of your "wants" and "must-haves", knowing that you may not get all of them on these lists, but it's vital to know what is important to you in this process - so ensure you share it with your Realtor.

Simply put, there is no specific answer to this question as it generally varies from person to person (or family to family), however we can tell you that we will stop at nothing until we find you that perfect home for you and your family!


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