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Real Estate Open House

If you're planning to run an open house for your property, take these simple steps to ensure it's time well spent.

1.  Advertise

Begin promoting the open house at least one week in advance.  Use social media and paid online advertising to ensure you connect with a large group of people.  During the week of the big event make sure you hit them daily.  Online advertising can be used to connect with specific demographics in specific geographic locations.  Use these features to ensure you connect with the right people.

2.  Hours of Operation

Despite what you may believe, there is no rule saying that your open house has to be from 2PM to 4PM.  We suggest running the open house longer than usual to catch those who run out of time to view all of the other homes.  They'll end up at your house last, give you more time to build rapport and sell them on your property.

3.  Directions

Use as many directional signs as possible (10 recommended) at various intersections to attract attention and direct people to your home.  It may be challenging to be seen among the crowd of other signs so use large and bright signs, sometimes doubling up at corners can help too.

4.  Food

Nothing in the history of mankind has been more successful at getting people to hang around in one place for an extended period of time than food.  Pick up a platter or two from your local deli/bakery and entertain your guests as though they were friends.

5. Safety

Safety is first and foremost.  A busy open house can result in people going unattended and your personal belongings going unaccounted for; while, a quiet open house can leave you vulnerable to questionable people entering the property.  Never be afraid to ask somebody to leave or reschedule their visit, if you get a strange feeling, follow your gut.

For more tips on open houses check out this Quick Tips video and subscribe to our Youtube Channel


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The Kormendy Trott Team

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