Leasing a Home With Your Pets

Leasing with a pet

Leasing With Pets

As you scour through properties in search of the perfect place to lease you find that 90% of them have disclosures saying "NO PETS!", which keeps you and your fur babies from proceeding.  Don't let this get you down, you do have options!

First of all, according to Ontario law, having a No Pet clause in a lease agreement deems that contract null and void.  Secondly, a landlord can't refuse you as a tenant because you have a pet; and third, if you begin the lease with no pets and later decide to get one, you can't be forced to leave.

Now, while a Landlord can't refuse you because you have a pet, they can find other excuses to say no and there's little you can do to prove otherwise.  So, how do you get around it?  You either start off your relationship with the landlord on a lie by not telling them (not recommended!) or you tell them the truth and find a way to make it work; here are 2  tips:

1. Include a cute picture of your pet with the application along with photos of your existing property to show how well kept it is.

2. Offer an additional deposit to be held and used against any damages caused by the pet should any exist at the end of your tenancy

We've had lots of success helping clients with pets successfully sign leases with Landlords who initially insisted that no pets were allowed so don't be afraid to try.  

If you'd like assistance leasing a home or finding a tenant for your property, give us a shout!  You can reach Adrian via text or phone at (416) 707-8401.  Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more weekly tips!

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The Kormendy Trott Team

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