The TRUTH about Open Houses and what Real Estate agents should be telling you

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For many years, it was widely believed that the real motive of an Open House was for the Real Estate Agent to meet potential new clients.  Kind of selfish, don't you think?  In some cases, yes, this is partially true.

When a Real Estate Sales Representative (Agent or Realtor as we may refer to) holds an Open House, it is an opportunity to meet new people, most of which are currently or soon-to-be in the market to purchase a home.  But the world has evolved and changed and our primary reason today for holding an Open House is in fact to sell your home!

Let us explain.

Currently, over 90% of home buyers start their search for their new home by searching online.  We've all been there... Searching MLS.CA, Realtor websites, Social media sites like Facebook and classified sites like Kijiji.  They are all great places to potentially search for homes, especially if you're just starting the process.  So let's now break this down.

If a buyer is searching the internet for a home and isn't already working (an in many cases even those that are) with a Realtor, they are going to do one of two things should they find a home that they like.  They will either contact an agent directly, or more-so now-a-days, attend the Open House to avoid the feeling of wasting anyone's time or simply make the process of viewing the home very easy.  

Due to the fact that there is SO much information available to potential buyers, many are starting the process at their own pace and on their own time, which includes spending some weekends visiting Open Houses.  Most buyers do in fact end up purchasing the home with representation from a Realtor, but how they arrive to that point now is very different.

If you think about it, take one of our listings as an example.  With 21 beautiful, High-definition photos and our HD Commercials (goodbye "Virtual Tour") the viewers/potential buyers already get a great idea of what the home looks like and generally have a feeling if the home will suit their needs and wants, or not. 

Because of some of these facts, we are averaging more attendance at our Open Houses than ever before!   How do we do it?

Again, here's how we do things differently.

We start by showcasing your home with FOUR Open Houses, all over one weekend.   Typically, we start with a Neighbourhood Open House, which is held on a Thursday or Friday evening.  Leading up to that day, we personally visit the neighbours on surrounding streets to invite them to this event.  We have invitations professionally printed and often have gifts or prize draws too!  Did you know?... Almost 25% of our business comes from people that already live in the area or know someone that does. 

We also like to keep our "public" Open Houses on Saturday and Sunday open to people that are looking to purchase a home now or in the near future and simply not "just looking".  We all want to know what the home down the street looks like or why they are asking so much, or so little.  That's fine, we understand this happens, we just prefer it happens during the week, than on a busy weekend when we focus on finding a buyer for the property.

We follow this day up by holding back-to-back Open Houses on Saturday and Sunday. 

Have you ever noticed that all Open Houses on the weekends are from 2pm-4pm only?

Here's the difference.  We hold them with extended hours from 2pm-5pm.  Many times we find that the last hour is our busiest.  

A couple of years ago, we asked our Broker and Brokerage Owner, Bill Miller, if there was any reason that Open House hours were 2pm-4pm on the weekend and he struggled with the question.  The answer was simply "that's the way it's always been... that's the only reason."  With that, we found this to be an opportunity.

We prepare for these days by ensuring our advertising brings a lot of potential buyers to view your home and our online strategy has proven to work very well.  Various blog sites,, Facebook, Kijiji, Craigslist,, & Google are just some of the places we spend time on to market your home.  We also have directional signage strategically placed in the neighbour hood to make your home easy to find and to catch the attention of those driving by.

Did we mention, we always have TWO Sales Representatives present during the Open House?

That's right.  We care about the security of your home and also want to ensure that every person visiting receives a great experience and that they have all their questions answered.  This also helps us tremendously to obtain feedback in regards to what people like, or do not like about the home.  We go a step further (if you request) and have all visitors sign our guest book to keep track of who is coming in and out of the house.  If they allow us (which most do), it also gives us the opportunity to follow up with calls and emails, to ensure anyone interested is getting the service they deserve.  We enjoy these days immensely!  Nothing like meeting new people that have genuine interest in the home we are selling.

The next Open House we hold is for Realtors.  At our brokerage office, Century 21 Miller, there are over 100 sales representatives that know about our listings immediately.  Then there is our database of over 400 other Realtors that we can market to as well.  We invite them all, plus advertise with the Toronto Real Estate board (TREB) and the Oakville Milton District Real Estate board (OMDREB) specifically to Realtors, to come and view your home.  Since most buyers do end up being represented by a Realtor, it is important that they view your home, as they too may have a client interested.  It's a great way for us to let all the agents know that your home is For Sale and for them to see what it looks like in person.

So there you have it... Our Open House plan is second-to-none and they CAN sell your home.  There is REAL value with this plan... Let it work in your favour.  EMAIL US if you have any questions, need some help in getting your home sold, or if you're in the market to purchase.  We have incentives and plans that suit everyone's needs!
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