This easy step is missed by most agents and sellers. Don't make the same mistake!

5 Minutes of your time can make a better first impression 


It never fails to surprise us.  Day in and day out, we visit homes that are listed for sale...  The easy part of the job.  Whether we attend an open house, preview a home for a client, show a listed property to a client, or visit a potential home seller, 9 out of 10 homes have one thing in common.   We refer to it as "squeaky door syndrome".

Have you ever been to a home that is listed for sale, opened the front door, closet door, door to the garage and had your teeth cringe due to un-lubricated door hinges?  We have!

When listing a home for sale, part of the process in preparing to showcase the home to the world, is ensuring all the small details have been looked after.  Small to you may not be small to the buyer!

We are amazed at how many sellers and agents miss this little step that can turn off a potential buyer from purchasing the home.  NO way, you say?  First impressions are everything and when small maintenance items are not taken care of, does this mean there are other items throughout the home that haven't been looked after?  We can assure you, that is what goes through the buyers' thought process, even if they're not thinking it, it is subliminally making an impact.  Just like all those family vacation photos and fancy fridge magnets.

Question:  If you went on a first date and the other person had bad breath.  Would that be a good, or bad first impression?  

Bad analogy?  Maybe.  Some truth to this?  Definitely.

Jig-a-loo to fix squeeky door hinge

Lucky for our clients, part of our staging process is taking care of this for you, leaving no details untouched.  It takes us no more than 10 minutes but ensures yet another step that we take to make your home look as new and well cared for as possible.  Numerous people have visited our listed properties during an open house and have asked "Is this a new home?" ,"Is this a model home?", "Does anyone live here?" and that is our goal.  If the potential buyer thinks that the home is a builders' model, do you think think they are more or less likely to fall in love with the home?  Chances are, we're ahead of the game.

In short, get yourself a can of "Jig-a-loo" and spray those door hinges to get rid of the squeaking and skreetching or whatever you want to call it.  Don't forget basement and garage doors too!

We like the Jig-a-loo product the best as it doesn't leave any stains or grease behind like other similar products. A couple of sprays per hinge, open and close the doors a few times to allow the lubricant to penetrate, spray the hinges one more time and you're good to go.  

Take the 10 minutes and get this done before you list your home for sale.  In fact, do it before you even meet with any Realtors.  Remember, you're trying to make a good first impression to them too!

At the end of the day, while nobody else may notice, this is a simple way to ensure that your home will present itself better than the other homes for sale in your area, because they likely didn't take this step.


We are more than happy to share our tips and tricks-of-the-trade with you...  Call today for more information or to arrange a free home evaluation and staging consultation.  

We guarantee that a meeting with our team will improve your chances of selling your home for more money and less time.  

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The Kormendy Trott Team

The Kormendy Trott Team

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