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Did you know that over 90% of buyers start their search online?

With thousands of listings available to buyers, standing out from the crowd is essential.  It's easy to post a listing online but having your listing viewed and connecting with an individual virtually is an entirely different animal.  Our goal is to connect with a viewer on an emotional level; the more connected they feel, the more likely they are to progress from online, to in-person.

To accomplish this, as with everything we do, we've strayed from the norm.  Most virtual tours consist of a series of pictures in a slide show format, matched with a selection of elevator-like music.  If you're lucky you may experience a click-and-drag-yourself-in-a-circle-environment, where multiple images of a room are stitched together to form a '3D' simulation of distorted and out of focus pictures.  Both methods make it very hard to truly imagine being in the home.

Our team has invested thousands of dollars in professional equipment and software to create, what we call, COMMERCIALS.


Think of a commercial as a movie trailer.  Using high-definition video, we record clips focusing in on unique features, furniture and building elements.  These clips are matched with original music that we purchase specifically for each home to best portray the homes unique personality.

Put all of this together and the end result is a unique preview of a home, evoking a bit of emotion, connecting with viewers and hopefully leaving them longing for just a bit more.


1380 Main Street East #211 -


102 Donovan Heights -

For more information on our commercials and other unique marketing tools, feel free to contact one of our team members directly.


The Kormendy Trott Team


Ariel:  647.464.0957 (Direct)
Adrian:  416.707.8401 (Direct)
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The Kormendy Trott Team

The Kormendy Trott Team

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