Who's Best Interest Does Your Agent Have in Mind?

By:  Adrian Trott

As with all industries, there are always going to be those who give others a bad name by doing sub par work.  In real estate, we're exposed to it on a regular basis.  I'll refer to a situation I was in earlier this year.

Earlier in 2015 I was working with clients who previously leased a home with us and were now excited to be shopping for their first place to purchase and call home.  After viewing a number of properties we walked into one that they fell in love with immediately, it hit every need and want on their list.

After little deliberation, my clients told me that they want to (had to!) buy this property.  I began my normal process of researching the home, compiling a list of comparable sales and calling the listing agent to probe for details . . . and this is where it all began.  

Within less than 10 minutes on the phone I was able to find out who the home owners were, where they worked, why they were selling, where they were moving, when they wanted to close AND that they would accept an offer $8,000 below asking -- fast forward to a firm sale and we were able to purchase the home for more than $8,000 below asking and got our preferred closing date - funny enough, the home was priced correctly to start and my clients were more than happy to buy it at full asking price.

Other situations that have blown me away would include walking into open houses and having the listing agent inform me before saying hello that the price was negotiable and/or priced too high.

The moral of this story is to do your research when hiring an agent, hire a reputable agent that has your best interest in mind rather than somebody who wants to make a quick sale.  When selling, what's likely your number one asset, you deserve the best representation.

If you're considering to buy or sell a home and want advice, call or text me directly at (416) 707-8401.

Adrian Trott
Sales Representative

The Kormendy Trott Team

Century 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd.

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The Kormendy Trott Team

The Kormendy Trott Team

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