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We, The Royle Group of Century 21 Lanthorn, have all the necessary knowledge, experience, and specialist skills required to facilitate your profitable purchase or sale. We specialize in Brookfield Relocations where we have the ability to ensure you are properly supported during this transitional period.


We are willing to establish a strong working relationship with you in order to provide the confidence that your unique needs are handled with the appropriate sensitivity and urgency. We will always be available to assist you so your timelines are met no matter what your individual situation. Let us settle you into your new community by negotiating terms to suit your financial expectations. Give us a call to explore your possibilities.




  • Send us a list of homes you want to visit prior to arrival. This will give us a chance to review and comment on the listings and get a feel of your "wants and needs" required in your next home.
  • Discuss and advise us of any special requirements or medical needs that you or your family members have so, with them in consideration, we can find the perfect home.
  • Bring slip on shoes for easy removal when viewing properties, bring easy slip on slippers in the summer so that you do not have to walk around in your bare feet.
  • Bring along a video camera or a still camera to take images of the homes that you are viewing and the ones that catch your most interest so that you can review at a later time. With a short timeline during the HHT, memories of homes tend to meld together. Documentation will be key as this can get overwhelming.
  • Every contract of Purchase and Sale require a deposit to be held in a Real Estate Trust Account. The standard in the Quinte Region (CFB Trenton's surrounding area) is $500 to $1,000. Depending on the closing date, this cheque can be a personal cheque, certified cheque or bank draft, however this cheque will need to be deposited within 24 hours of an accepted Agreement of Purchase.
  • We have a list of local lawyers, inspectors and other professionals that are all Brookfield approved for the purchase of your new property.


Mortgage broker Considerations


  • A valid copy of your posting message
  • A copy of your most recent pay stub/statement showing all of your deductions and entitlements
  • Proof of down payment. This proof could be a current statement of your bank account, statement of your RRSP funds, Term Deposit, Mutual Funds or some other form of investment.
  • If you are using equity from your current home for your downpayment, bring a copy of the most up to date mortgage statement showing the balance outstanding, the term, monthly payments, interest rates and any additional information. If your current home is sold however the closing has not yet occur, make sure to bring a copy of the Agreement of Sale including any waivers, notice of fulfillment of conditions and amendments for the property.
  • If you have any current debt such car loans, line of credits, make sure to bring statement of any money left owing on the items and the prepayment schedules and rates.
  • DO NOT make any large purchases prior to the closing of the new house.
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The Royle Group

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