The Power of Local Knowledge and Understanding in Milton Real Estate

What is knowledge?  Albert Einstein is a favourite of mine because he "got it".  He said "the only source of knowledge is experience."  No statement could be truer for real estate. 

Albert Einstein also said, "any fool can know, the point is to understand."  To illustrate this point I shall use a common visit to a local doctor's office.  My doctor friends tell me that a lot of patients have already Googled the diagnosis and prescribed treatment before they even get to their office  The biggest problem they say is that the patient is wrong roughly 75 percent of the time and less than right most of the time.   Pretty scary stuff.  All the patients are well intended and the doctors understand and appreciate the assistance.  Clearly their patients are already knowledgeable.  However, the doctor has the experience, education and understanding.  The patient has information but typically lacks the education, experience and understanding and, left to their own device, would mostly make a wrong diagnosis and prescribe inappropriate medication or treatment.  Real estate is no different.

I must disclose that we are a locally owned and located Milton Real Estate brokerage with only local realtors.  We all live in the Milton community.  Our kids go to school here, we shop here, we play sports here, our property taxes are paid here, we vote here.  Century 21 Future Realty re-invests within the community.  WE ARE "HERE"!  We are "the local experts". Check out other brokerages with listings in Milton and you will find a different story. 

Local matters and here is why:

1)  Our Century 21 real estate agents  know the area.  We know the parks, schools, and arenas.  We know the established areas and the new developments.  We know the history of houses, streets, development plans and areas.

2)  Our Century 21 real estate agents have access to the information that is available, the same information available to an "out of town" representative, but our Century 21 representatives add their intimate understanding of the area and a vast array of resources and local experiences.  Past sales and current comparables only tell part of the story.  You need a Century 21 representative that understands the complete story.

3)  Century 21 representatives know what Milton has planned in each of the neighbourhoods or regions.  We communicate continuously with the Town planners and development staff.  For example, we will know if that vacant, beautifully treed lot beside the house you want to buy will be a future day care centre, condominum development, commercial plaza or continue to be a vacant lot due to environmental contamination.  Perhaps you find that perfect country property that has a large front lawn you always wanted but within three to five years, the region plans to expropriate a big chunk of it to widen the road and add a turn lane.  Do you really believe an "out of town" brokerage will know or know how to get this information within the sales cycle period?  Your local Century 21 representative sure does!

4)  A Century 21 representative can help you through the maze of authorities that exist within our beautiful area, including the Niagara Escarpment Commission, Conservation Halton, Grand River Conservation Authority, Town of Milton, Town of Halton Hills and the Region of Halton amoung others.  There can be severe impediments to development or expansion within any of these jurisdictions.  Your local Century 21 Future Realty Inc. has dealt with all of these authorities.  Do you really believe an "out of town" brokerage or representative even knows these authorities exist?

5)  Our Century 21 real estate agents know how septic, wells, and Geo-thermal units interact. We will tell you where gravel pits are, gravel truck routes run, and where future development and proposed roads are planned in order for you to make an informed decision. When you use a local Century 21 representative, it can save you money, headaches and time.  Buying through an out of town agent may appear on the surface to be saving you money, but with a local Century 21 Future representative you will have sound and secure advice and value.

I could go on about the benefits of using a local brokerage, but instead I will share with you proof of my strong belief that "local matters in real estate."  You might be surprised to learn that even though I own and manage the Century 21 Future Realty Inc. brokerage in downtown Milton, I have listed my cottage just south of Parry Sound with another brokerage from Parry Sound.  I believe what I am saying and act on it.  However; if you are looking for a cottage, I would be happy to refer you a great brokerage in the area you are looking.

Tom Ferguson

Tom Ferguson

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