If you're considering building your next home, you surely have a wish list...a vision of everything the house of your dreams would include. Do you visualize an open floor plan with plenty of room for the kids? Or maybe your perfect home includes a spacious kitchen with the latest appliances.

You might also have a list of things you don't want in your new home. The beauty of buying new construction is that you can be involved from start to finish, ensuring that when all is said and don, you'll be living in your dream home.

You get to specify the tile you want, even the toilet you want. Not only will the home be built to your specifications, it will be built with the latest construction techniques. In addition, most new homes come with a builder's warranty that covers many repair issues that might occur, giving you peace of mind.


* Know your builder - Get as much information as you can on the company building your home before you sign on the dotted line.

* Know your budget - All those special touches add up. Be sure you have a budget going into the process. And stick to it.

* Know your neighborhood - Does the area have the amenities you're looking for> Whether it's nearby shopping or good schools or bike trails, do your homework to make sure the neighborhood fits your style.

Know your lender - Make Sure the financing for your house is in order.

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