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Recently,  I showed an acreage to a couple north of the city. After we viewed the property, we left our separate ways back to Saskatoon. Later I found out that they had received a speeding ticket for going through a construction zone. 94 kph resulted in a $500 fine. They were not aware that the speed signs are now white instead of orange. It suddenly struck me that safety may not be the first priority here.  


In this day and age of high technology, wouldn't it be possible to have wifi or bluetooth communication to our vehicles that would alert us that we are entering a school zone or construction zone? I'm sure that I'm not the only person who has been deep in thought and found myself already in a school zone before slowing to 30kph. A few years ago when one of my kids were taking driver training, they asked if I thought about driving while I was driving? My answer was "NO! I've been driving longer that not driving. It's just automatic".

I'm not making excuses for past tickets. I deserved them all. But, if safety were first and foremost, wouldn't preventing people from speeding through school and construction zones be the goal? Getting a ticket after you've already gone through the zone, doesn't make it safer for the worker or the school child. The speeder MAY think twice the next time they pass through that zone. But maybe not. 

Some newer vehicles can sense when there's a vehicle in the next lane and warn you that it's not safe to change lanes. Couldn't something similar be developed for protecting our workers and our children? Maybe all monies from these tickets should go to developing safer vehicles for everyone? We could have cell phones disable calls and texts when they sense you are moving in a vehicle. 

Or, maybe, we should just pay more attention to what we are doing when we are driving. Turn the phone to silent. Take our time. Enjoy the drive. Be more considerate to others. 

For everyone travelling this Christmas season, have a safe and ticket free drive.

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