I want my $100

It had been reported recently that a debit card theft scheme had been broken up in our city of Saskatoon. 600 older magnetic stripe cards had been compromised and money taken out of their bank accounts. Since I am like many other people today, who use their debit card for almost everything, I don't keep much cash on me. I decided to keep my debit and credit cards in my wallet and use cash for a while. I soon found this to be very inconvenient. ATM's only give $20 dollar bills, so a trip to the grocery store for the weekly groceries required a stack of bills that wouldn't fit in my wallet. I considered going to Costco (the buck or 300 store as it is known in my house) but I couldn't find my sons little red wagon to haul the $20's into the store. I'm beginning to think the Banks have conspired to get consumers hooked on debit cards and continually increase ATM rates for more profit. Why can't you get $100 bills from an ATM? If I remember correctly, ATM's dispensed $5, $10, $20 in the early 80's. Sure you can get $100 bills from a bank teller, but I don't want to waste 40 minutes standing in line at the bank. Maybe its time to introduce larger currency to Canadians.

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