Have you noticed that now that July is here that the pesky green foliage is back in full bloom! What is one to do now that 24D is now a banned substance and can not be used anymore in Barrie, as a matter of fact not anywhere in Ontario. This is a question that I hear more often everyday.

Well, I have been out and on the hunt trying to find the answer to this problem and this is what I have come up with. My local green house sources have told me that we may have to grin and bear it unless we want to get down on our knees and rip those nasty weeds out of the ground....ouch.. I can feel my back hurting already! The second solution was to boil water and to pour it on the weeds. I heard that by doing that, the boiling water even kills the dreaded Canadian Thistle. Once I heard the hot water trick I had 2 questions, does it also kill my grass and does anyone know where I can buy lots of kettles(CHEAP)?

Some people are complaining about their neighbours property, that the properties are full of weeds or the weeds are 3 feet tall. Well in Barrie I have 2 suggestions, you can wait until your neighbours go to sleep and then you can sneak into their yard and do a midnight weeding and after weeding you can dispose of their weeds, that way when your neighbours get up in the morning, they will think the weeding fairy dropped by and weeded their property while they were sleeping or...........

You can call the City of Barrie and ask for the Property Standards Division, the nice lady on the phone will transfer you, not to worry if a real person does not answer the phone you can leave a message but make sure you leave the following information: address where the weed problem is, the date and time of your call, your name and phone number. Not to worry your name will be kept confidential and not given out if someone asks who turned them in. The city will then call the property owner and advise them of the complaint, then give them so many days to rectify the weed problem, if the problem is not taken care of in the time frame given by the City of Barrie they will dispatch a crew to go out and fix the problem and then they will bill the property owner for the services to clean up the weed problem.

If you know of any secrets to control weeds email me at and I will put it in my blog for others to weed.

Take Care and Happy Weed Wacking


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