If You Are Selling On Your Own or Think Realtors Make To Much Money, read this!


Why any real estate agent would run out to an empty home to show a perfect stranger is beyond me but it happens every single day.

With the recent murders of two real estate agents in Ohio, and the recent attempted robbery of another, showing homes to complete strangers and holding open houses needs to stop!

Every professional that I know, meets with potential new client’s in an office environment first. Real estate should be no different.

A potential buyer calls an agent from a sign they saw and demands to see the home that day. The response from agents should be “That’s great! When can you come into the office?” Buyers have been taught that real estate agents are desperate, unprofessional, a dime a dozen and will drop everything to run and show them a home with the hope that they will sell the home. This kind of thinking needs to stop.  “Saying no to a risky appointment takes discipline, but it has to be done, or the sad stories will continue.”

Would you let your children go to empty homes for job interviews? Isn’t that what you are expecting each and every real estate agent to do every time you call one from a for sale sign? You don’t know the agent you are calling and that agent doesn’t know you but yet you are demanding the agent run out and show you that home. If you wouldn’t let your own child go meet someone in an empty home or you yourself wouldn’t go meet a perfect stranger in an empty home, don’t expect real estate agents to do it either.

Buying a home is a huge deal and should be treated as such. Buyers who are searching for homes need to hire a buyer agent before seeing any homes, end of story! This will help the seller, sell faster, weed out the serious from the tire kickers, protect the real estate agents and make much better use of our time. If someone is interested in buying a home they need to first:

  1. Hire a buyer agent
  2. Get approved for a mortgage

In order to hire a buyer agent, a consumer must schedule an appointment with a real estate agent at their office and have a buyer consultation. If the buyer feels the agent would be a good fit for their needs, they hire them. If not, they can go meet with another agent at their office. If a buyer doesn’t do those two things, they don’t get to see homes with an agent, plain and simple.  Brokers need to implement this policy all over the country.

Open houses are a huge safety concern as well. We purchase alarm systems to keep strangers out but yet, hold an open house, open your front door and invite every walk of life in, no questions asked! Hello, what’s wrong with this picture??? This may be how real estate agents found new clients in the years past but in the world we all live in today, nobody should just open their door and let every stranger in. Homes that are priced right sell quickly and there is no need for open houses. The only reason a real estate agent even holds an open house is because the seller asks the agent to do it because the home isn’t selling or if the agent is looking for new clients. That is a fact according to an article on CAARE.org.

With the attention of the most recent senseless murders in Ohio of real estate agents, I believe that eventually, showing homes to strangers will come to an end as it should.

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