Wow, it is March 22, 2013 and I woke up to 6-8 inches of fresh white snow this morning. Last year at this time some of us were out golfing some of us were down at the beach or just enjoying the beautiful 20+ temperatures.

In saying that, Is the climate really screwed up, or is the earth really mad? I can remember as a kid playing outside in northern Manitoba in temperatures of -45 and -50 in the winter time and that was the norm many many years ago. I have been watching the temperatures in that same city this winter and noticed that the average temperatures have dropped. 

It is funny as you talk to people now about the weather some like it, some don't. One of the complaints is that there is still snow in March, which boggles my mind as I remember when there was snow in June. The old saying is when life throws you lemons you make lemonade. Enjoy the weather, find an activity for the weather that is present at the time as life is to short to worry about the weather. 

I would rather wake up to to the fresh white stuff on the ground and the some what colder days than not waking up at all. So get out and enjoy the Spr-inter weather.

Have an awesome day, get out there and enjoy what we have been blessed with.

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