What We Learned

Well the Vancouver convention was one of the best I have been to. This year there was twist to it that started out right at the opening, our Master of Ceremony was none other than Simon Cotter a comedian that kept us in stitches from start to finish.

This year there were 2 Paralympians Donavan Tildesley a blind swimmer that brought some great enjoyment with his story and how he beat his personal best and a young lady named Michelle Stilwell. Now let me tell you Michelle is a woman that would have some kind of impact on any bodies life, to this day she has many difficulties but that is where she gathers her strength for her competitions and training and life. When I watched a video of her in a race it just blew me away how fast she was, she also smashed a world record. Both these individuals love our country their sport, family and I believe a lot of people could learn from them. Way to go Donavan and Michelle you represent your country well.

The Networking Extravaganza was amazing as it always is, this is a place where top Century 21 Realtors come together for a night and network and exchange ideas. Even thou we are independent business men and women at this event we are one. This year at my teams networking table we put together a Wii bowling tournament to raise money for Easter Seals, we asked for a donation of a Tonnie and in return you would get 10 balls to throw, after the 10 balls were thrown we would record the score at the end of the evening close to $300.00 for Easter Seals was raised and we gave the Wii game to the highest score. It always seems to amaze me how are Century 21 family comes together to support a good cause like this even when they are 1000's of km from there own offices. I thank you for this!

This year was very special for me as our office won Canadian franchise of the year and our very own Bonnie Sample was named Sales Associate of the year! I am very proud to be part of this.

This year was also exciting as they had some amazing breakout sessions as we had top producers from all over the country get up and explain their success and it was amazing to say the least.

We also had our website people there and trust me this is where it all happens, Century 21 in the last 22 months has gone from #42 on the Google pages to #2 just behind Realtor.ca and that in its self is an amazing feat. Along with that Century 21 gets 3 times the hits more than any other real estate company and we are pulling a head more and more everyday. We also found out that our Century 21 Online office has made some major changes that will put each Century 21 agent years away from the competition.

To end the weekend on Sunday evening I enjoyed the dinner cruise that was put on, we cruised the north shores of beautiful Vancouver and enjoyed the scenery and the lights at night. The dinner was fantastic we had a very taste roast beef as well as amazing salmon with a spicy mango chutney that was to die for.

Well after this event and all the previous years it is a no brainier that if you want to stay ahead of the competition and serve your clients well it is a must that the conventions be attended, so in saying that I will be in Toronto the first week of October to partake again.

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