My First Kickoff

Last Friday, I attended my first Century 21 Kickoff event in the sometimes beautiful city of Red Deer. That day it was particularly beautiful.

Kickoff opened with a three hour session from Chris Leader, an inspiring and engaging speaker/trainer. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris for nineteen seconds before the session. It was enough time for him to get my name, learn that I'm new to real estate, and ask me to sit in the front row. 

As I walked hesitantly toward the front row, my collegue, Murray Scotton, ditched me at the third row and left me all alone in the front. Thanks buddy.

For much of the presentation Chris Leader spoke directly to me and dropped my name 736 times, at least it felt like it. He had lots of great ideas and advice for a new agent; I came away from the session loaded with expectional tools, not to mention every successful Century 21 agent in Alberta now knows my name.

One of those successful agents, that I need to give a shout out to, is Mike Melynchuk and his team at A.L.L Stars Realty in Edmonton. I played basketball against Mike in high school and he always destroyed me. With cocktail hour under way and a few beers in, I decided to tell Mike how much I still hate him; he did a very good job of trying to win me over. If you're relocating to Edmonton, please contact Danny, Jovita, or Kate at the Melnychuk Real Estate Group... or even Mike ;)

The keynote speaker at the awards dinner that night was Century 21 Canada's founder U. Gary Charlwood. He spoke of Veterans Allowances, 20% interest rates, where the market has been and where it's going, bubbles, booms, and everything else that comes with 40 years in real estate. Then he rocked my world with the line - "and we'll see it all again."

A great afternoon of making connections, an insightful evening with Mr. Charlwood, and the opportunity to celebrate Karalee Foat's Centurion award with my new team.

It's an exciting journey that I'm on. Someday, I hope to have a whole night of stories for a young agent to soak up.

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  1. Murray Scotton 03/13/2013 at 1:16 PM

    No ditching I just couldn't make it all the way to front where there was a reserved space for you!

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