Old and New Friends at Servus Bowness

I hadn't seen Rich Lange since we went to Gull Lake Camp together as rambuctious teenagers. Another old camp buddy, now a happy client of mine preparing to move into his new home, told me that Rich was the branch manager at the Servus Credit Union right across Bowness Road from the Summit Realty office. So the next day I dropped by to reconnect.

Rich has always been solid as a rock. He doesn't say much but every word counts. He takes care of people, does things right, and doesn't expect praise.

We went for lunch at Salt and Pepper a few days later.

 I didn't know much Servus Credit Union, but it's a perfect fit for Rich. Servus works hard for people. As a member owned credit union they are focussed on providing what their people need. They offer great mortgage and loan rates, and they give back to their members - financially and through community involvement. Most of all, they care about members. They talk face to face. They listen. They do their job well. They work for you, not for a guy behind a desk in Toronto.

I can't say that about my bank.

Rich introduced me to Noreen Vig, Servus' mobile mortgage manager. You all know from my previous blog that having a good mortgage broker on your side is imperative, and Noreen is top notch. A good indicator for me of a mortgage broker's quality is how much they get to know their clients. Anyone can look at numbers a page, but the broker you want is someone who finds out what your dreams are and works to make them a reality, without putting in an impossible situation. That's Noreen's approach in a nut shell.

As we ate our burritos we began to get excited about working together. Rich, Noreen, and Servus share Summit's philosophy of working hard to take care of good people. 

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