Tim’s Guide to the Perfectly Grilled Steak

My favorite part of summer is barbecuing. If you read my previous post about how I came to love barbequing you'll understand why. And I might have popped by your house recently with a fragrant little bottle of barbecue spice, as part of my client appreciation program.

So here's my guide for how to grill the perfect steak.

  1. Get some good beef. My favourite is the flat iron from Silver Sage Beef.
  2. Buy beer.
  3. Take the steaks out of the refrigerator and let them sit, covered, at room temperature for about 30 minutes.
  4. Grab a beer from the fridge at the same time. Open it, take a drink. Keep it within arms length for the remainder of the steps and drink it at a relaxed pace.
  5. Heat your grill to high. Close the lid.
  6. Brush the steaks on both sides with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, and BBQ spice. Then add a little more BBQ spice. Bring the steaks outside with one hand, beer in the other.
  7. Hold your hand over the grill. Take a drink with the other hand. By the time the bottle leaves your lips, your hand should be too hot to hold over the grill. That's how you know the grill is ready.
  8. Using tongs, place the steak on the grill pointing to one o'clock. Trust me on this one. It should make that beautiful sizzle when the meat hits the hot grill.
  9. Close the lid and take two more drinks. You should have about two thirds of the bottle left.
  10. On the third drink (about two minutes after the steak went on) open the lid with the other hand. Use the tongs to pick up and turn the steak to eleven o'clock. Close the lid. Two more drinks.
  11. When your beer is half done, turn the steak over. The one o'clock/eleven o'clock move will have created perfect criss cross grill marks. Turn the burners down to medium.
  12. At this moment, think of a word to describe how good they look. I often land on 'sexy'.
  13. Drink. Don't touch the steak, don't look at it, just drink. Now is a good time to talk to the neighbour over the fence.
  14. When you have two drinks left, open the lid. Poke the steak gently with one finger. Now here's my secret: push your right index finger on the fleshy part of your right hand just under your thumb - that's how a rare steak will feel. For medium rare, push your middle finger into the fleshy part under your thumb. For medium, it's your ring finger, and well done feels like your pinky.
  15. When it's just the way you want it, take the steak off the grill and turn off the burners.
  16. It's very important that you finish the beer at this point.
  17. Take the steak inside and cover with tin foil to let it rest.  This is imperative if you want a delicious, juicy steak. 
  18. Get another beer, open it, drink.
  19. When you've drank to the bottom of the neck, the steak is ready.
  20. Eat. Drink. Relax.

Have a great summer. It's a good life.

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