Tweeting Our Way To The Truth About Stony Trail

My wife got into an epic twitter exchange this week with Mayor Nenshi and Transportation Minister Ric McIver. I'm sure the Calgary Herald has already uncovered this story and the Sun has looked the other way, but I'm pretty proud of her for getting the truth on who messed up so badly.

You see, we live in New Brighton. My mother in law lives a stone's throw away in Cranston. So we've been eagerly anticipating the completion of the southeast portion of Stony Trail. The overpass at 52st and the one at Cranston Boulevard will provide us with lightening quick access to a babysitter. Also, our mother in law will have easy access to the little girl she loves to spoil.

Our dreams began to shatter (ok, slight hyperbole) earlier this week when my wife, Leilani, told me that you couldn't access Cranston Boulevard going west on Stony Trail. "That's not right," I dismissed her, "I've always had a keener since of geography and surely our elected officials would not make such a massive mistake on such a massively expressive highway project."
Sure enough, on our way to the Shawnessy Target for Christmas decorations on Monday, I saw the debacle first hand. Leilani did what one does in Calgary when one is angry - she tweeted the mayor. Her relentless tweet quest for the truth and some investigatory googling uncovered who's to blamed - read on, it's astonishing. 
It started innocent enough...
Okay, fair enough Mr Mayor. What does the Transportation Minister (who Mayor Nenshi just happened to trounce in the election 3 years ago) have to say?
Now my wife is in 'game on' mode. The river isn't really that close to the intersection and how much can you blame on historical planning when Cranston is fairly new community? I feel scared for you Rick.
At this point she's starting to cool down. "I don't build overpasses. I don't know how much space is required between interchanges. I'll give him this one."
Then poor Rick points the gun directly at his foot and unloads the clip.
"That was a city decision." Okay then, if you're going to point the finger directly at the city we'd better tweet the Mayor (whom we happen to like a lot) again and ask if he made a mistake... 
The then Alderman? Oh, cheeky Nenshi.
Minister McIver, what was your occupation before running for provincial office? That's right! You were Alderman for Ward 12. The Ward where this 'oversight' sits.
You approved the planning of these communities knowing access to the ring road connecting them to the rest of city would not be possible. NOW YOU'RE TRANSPORTATION MINISTER FOR THE REST OF THE PROVINCE!! That's like the coach who cut Michael Jordan in high school getting an NBA job.
That really sucks for the people that live in Cranston (and Mackenzie Lake). And those of us that want to go there often. Feel free to tell all of your friends about this and have everyone tweet @RicMcIver. 
We decided to stop shaming elected officials for that day and decorated the Christmas tree. 
A few minutes after posting this blog the Minister replied on twitter. He must be a big fan of the blog.
What I'm hearing you say us: The plans were already made - wasn't me.
But you amended them multiple times?
No, counsel ammended them and I to act in the best interest of my ward.
You know what Rick, I guess I just want someone to say, "In retrospect, we overlooked this and we had no idea it would have such an impact."

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