Painting.. What Colour to use ????

You have shopped around, pondered endlessly over paint chips and finally, you have discovered a colour that you absolutely love! Now it is time to choose accent colours that will compliment both your colour of choice and your overall vision for your space. Using simple colour wheel theory is an easy way to help you find a harmonious colour scheme that fits with whatever “mood” you would like your room to convey.

COMPLIMENTARY COLOURS: Located directly across from one another on the colour wheel, complimentary colours offer a lively conversation between warm and cool tones.Blues can be paired with oranges, yellows with purples and reds with greens.Choose your main colour and then use its compliment to accent wisely. These naturally compatible opposites can provide a refreshing and energetic atmosphere for your home.

ADJACENT COLOURS: Adjacent or analogous colours are next door neighbours on the colour wheel.They are derived from one another so the transition between them has a certain harmonious uniformity and the contrast between them is subtle.Blue to blue-green to green, red to orange - cool or warm, this colour palette seems to project tranquility and can create a peaceful atmosphere.

TINTS AND SHADES: Adding white or black to the same hue produces a variety of shades that automatically flow together and keep the colour palette neutral. If you have a found a colour that you absolutely love but want your room to remain neutral, look for monochromatic tones within the same colour hue for your accents.

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