New Materials for Your Next Deck

Decking choices used to be restricted to various natural wood species, pressure-treated lumber, or moulded composites made of wood and plastics.

Now the range has expanded significantly, to include a much wider selection of materials, including aluminum, stone, concrete and recycled rubber, to name a few.

Some of the most advanced composite types capture the actual look and feel of real wood, but offer maximum durability and resistance to fungus and mould, plus unmatched comfort underfoot and a dizzying array of available colours.

One of the more unique choices now available is a bamboo-based decking that does not mimic the texture of traditional wooden boards. Instead, its two sides have distinctly different surfaces, one of which provides added texture for climbing stairs, or for creating a variation in the typical plank pattern.

So, if a new deck is something you are considering in the future, give yourself the time to make the best possible choice, and be sure to give your budget enough room to accommodate some surprising inspirations. Spring is getting closer, so start planning now and be ready to hit the ground running when winter is over!


Tinna Bonner

Tinna Bonner

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