1st Time Buyers - Why now is a good time to buy

For many first time home buyers, today's Real Estate market offers some compelling reasons to enter the market. Here are a few reasons to consider...

  • Lower prices. Many markets have seen double digit price reductions over the past year. This means there are some great opportunities for first time buyers in today's market.
  • Interest rates are at record low levels. This makes a mortgage more affordable for home buyers.
  • There are a variety of incentives recently introduced by the government to assist fist time home buyers. These programs can add up to significant savings!
  • Many current home owners are looking to realise the equity they have built up in their homes and move up to a larger home. This means there is a greater selection of  "starter homes" available

So if you have been thinking about "jumping in", now may be a great time to take the plunge.

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