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There is great opportunity in Niagara for those who know the market.  It is still a buyers market and that is the time to make your investments. It is time to climb the property ladder and live in the dream home or  time to pick up good solid rental units to hang on to for a few years. There are still many good tenants out there that need to rent for one reason or another. They may have been through a divorce, working in the area for a short time, need a while to clean up their credit before they can buy and many other reasons.  But, I urge you, do your homework ,  In my opinion ,the regulations still favour the tenants.  Commercial or residential possibilties are endless. Real Estate Investments stand the test of time. If you are someone that is handy and are willing to keep the units up for a few years, you will be able to sell at a profit.  All you need to start is a qualified team at your side.  A real estate agent that you trust and knows the area, a mortgage specialist that is working for you, a home inspector with experience and your lawyer.  Get a team that you turst and stay with that team. Proffessionals will give you that extra effort when they know you they will be on your team now and for any future endeavours. Nothing is easy, you have to put time, effort and thought into it, but if you wish to be financially sucessfull, real estate is still the way.

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