Fun Filled Summer in St Catharines!

The St Catharines Rowing Club (SCRC) has a Recreational League with fun filled excitement every summer in two sessions, fun for ages 19+, all sizes and shapes allowed. Each regatta has a BBQ on the Martindale Pond alumni hall patio. Other events: April 26th Early Bird Regatta, May 9th Head of the Martindale Regatta, May 10th Mother's Day Regatta, May 5-7th School Boy Regatta, May 13th Dragon Boat Races, July 18th SCRC Invitational Regatta, and Aug 2-9th the 133rd Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. Special event July 10-15th is the world famous Pan Am Games. Plus there's Youth Rowing School, Club rowing, and many more regatta types. Come out to the water, join one of the largest rowing clubs in North America... right in your back yard! Its truly a great place to live and play, a lifetime of fun filled excitement.

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