Good News!

Well in my daily quest of searching for the perfect home for my clients, I find myself drinking more coffee than usual.  Starting with an early pick-me-up brew, picking one up on the way to the office, meeting with clients mid morning and then of course, the obligatory and extremely anticipated and enjoyed espresso with my 85 year old dad in the afternoon, I'm only half way through my day and have consumed more caffeine than I had anticipated when my alarm went off!  Prevention Magazine ran an article to its "Good to Know - Live Longer" section...guess what?  " your daily brew gives you more than an energy boost:  It's also packed with polyphenols.  A recent study looking at more than 400,000 people found that drinking coffee daily (up to 5 cups) was associated with less risk of dying of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, or infections!!" it is!  To my Buyers and Sellers....let's meet and have a coffee!!!!

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