Helpful Tips on Preparing to Sell Your Home in 2014

Have one of our REALTORS® go through your home and ask for suggestions to improve salability. Here are some time-tested tips: 

Remove excessive family photos, items of decided personal interest, surplus knick-knacks and potentially offensive pictures. They divert a buyer’s attention to your personal things rather than your home’s features. Removing obstacles that might make it difficult for buyers to see themselves living in the home is a must. Any discomfort and buyers will get a negative first impression.  

Rid the home of all clutter. Many of us accumulate stuff over the years we’ll never use or need again. So rid yourself of items that just take up space and create untidiness. Box up any items you want to keep but don’t need while selling.
 Closets and storage spaces are especially prone to clutter and accumulation. The more spacious and organized the more attractive they look to others. 

Rooms too should look spacious and inviting, not cramped--so consider removing any excess furniture and bric-a-brac.

Clean everything. Make entryways, kitchens and baths sparkle and create lots of clean counter space. Tidy and organize cupboards and drawers as buyers do want to see inside. Cleanse appliances, windows and sills, floors, curtains and blinds, even unfinished basement areas.

Apply a fresh coat of paint on walls. Paint thoughtfully chosen can create general appeal without the high cost. Freshly painted doors and trim inside and out look great. 

Make repairs where needed. Tighten or replace loose doorknobs and handrails; oil squeaky door hinges; re-caulk where needed. Make sure the mechanicals are in working order, as well as any appliances remaining. Have the furnace checked, replace HVAC filter and clean dirty air returns. Make sure smoke detectors are working. Ensure all electrical fixtures and plumbing fixtures are working properly and correct any leaks.

Exterior curb appeal can determine whether a buyer wants to see inside. Clean gutters, downspouts and walkways; seal asphalt driveways. Caulk around exterior trim, chimney, windows and doors.

Simple items like fresh, seasonal potted plants by the front door adorned with a wreath and a clean, welcoming doormat can add to the home’s exterior appeal. Keep grass cut, shrubs trimmed and flowerbeds covered with mulch or fresh topsoil and free of weeds.

You might also ask us for “Preparing for a Professional Home Inspection”. Though some of the points are covered above, many of the 29 different items on the list are regular maintenance items that can be done at little or no cost.

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