So Your Home Didn’t Sell. What next?

Not all expired listings are relisted for sale. A seller may decide to keep the home or try again down the road.

At times, however, expired listings are relisted with a different brokerage for any number or reasons. In some cases the REALTOR® decides to give up the listing and in others the Seller wants to try another REALTOR®.

Some reasons why the REALTOR® chooses not to relist the property.

  • The Seller has little or no motivation to sell thereby lacking the flexibility needed to get a sale.
  • More often than not the home is overpriced and the seller won’t or feels he can’t reduce to a salable level.
  • The seller may be making excessive advertising demands on the false hope that more advertising will sell for an excessive price.
  • The seller is not cooperative and does not make the home easily accessible for showings.
  • The seller will not take steps to make the home more presentable—bad odours, clutter, lack of maintenance and repairs. A home’s condition contributes greatly to its demand and the price attained.
  • One or more offers have been rejected without the Seller’s willingness to negotiate.
  • The home is underwater having more debt than the property is worth.

Some reasons why the Seller chooses to relist with a different Salesperson.

  • The Salesperson did not stay in touch with the Seller and made little or no effort to provide valid feedback or recommendations.
  • The Seller listed at the REALTOR’S® suggested list price, yet 30 days later the salesperson is suggesting a price reduction. REALTORS® can err. If a home does not easily conform to others sold, it can be difficult to evaluate. In certain conditions, a changing market can affect prices during the listing period. What’s more, valid showing feedback may dictate a change in strategy.
  • The salesperson took the listing at the Seller’s overstated price; the Seller mistakenly took this to mean that his price was achievable.  
  • Whether right or wrong, the Seller feels that the marketing provided is unsatisfactory.
  • There have been few showings and no offers resulting in Seller dissatisfaction.
  • The seller feels insulted by any low offer or offers received.
  • The personalities were not a good fit to begin with.
  • The Seller is frustrated and disappointed as the home sits unsold.

In good relationships, Sellers and REALTORs® gladly continue to work together relisting property to achieve a sale. It takes honesty, communication, motivation to sell and cooperation.

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