The Internet is Great…A Buyer Agent is Better

The Internet--a Valuable Search Tool but….

The Internet helps buyers in the information gathering, home search and elimination process. People can search the internet in the comfort of their homes without having to talk to a REALTOR®. Though It has become an indispensable tool, allowing for more information and pictures on listings, it is still an ad.

Arguably, little can beat the commentary voiced by a good real estate salesperson in response to

  • questions about a listing,
  • buyer concerns about the home and area,
  • sale price ranges in various neighbourhoods, and
  • market conditions.

The alliance between buyer and agent continues to be of major importance in the elimination, selection and purchase of a home.

REALTORS’® and Their Importance to Buyers

According to a 2010 NAR Study, 89% of buyers surf and search the internet for homes. And 85% of home buyers using the Internet buy a home through a real estate salesperson or broker.

The point is that no advertisement regardless of the media can replace the valuable interplay between a buyer and a trusted salesperson. In the study, buyers thought the
most important benefits received from an agent were:

  1. Helped find the right house,
  2. Helped buyer understand the buying process,
  3. Pointed out unnoticed features and faults with the property
  4. Negotiated a better sales contract and terms
  5. Improved the buyers knowledge of search areas
  6. Provided a better list of service providers
  7. Negotiated a better price

Coordinating from Start to Finish

A good REALTOR® can simplify and smooth out the buying process, give sound direction and provide access to his/her know-how and experience. He or she is with the buyer from start to finish, coordinating from the inside.

The Buying Process Takes 69 Hours on Average

In her book, Real Estate a La Carte, Julie Garton-Good states that it would take about 69 hours, on average, to go through all of the checkpoints and components of buying a home. “This is 37% longer than buyers estimated it would take on average.”

She says that “this reflects the fact that while the buyer’s focus is on making the offer and closing the sale, the…real estate service provider often orchestrates the behind the scenes puzzle pieces….”  

The moral: don’t underestimate the value of a buyer representative.   

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