Working at C21 Today Realty

Anyone interested in looking into Real Estate Sale should interview C21 Today Realty. You may think this is an unusual post for an agent, however I feel it’s important to get the view from an agents perspective. Here are the reasons I selected C21 Today Realty.

  1. Location throughout the Region of Niagara Helps with diversifying your business and also just if you need a local contact or place to go to the washroom.
  2. The training is second to none or they leave you to your own if you’re a seasoned person.
  3. I have found the owners to be fair, honest, knowledgable and human.
  4. The other agents are also part of a regional family
  5. Flexible commission splits
  6. And above all the administration staff in all the offices are with you! not against you, I love them all. They make you feel welcome in any of the four locations in Niagara

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