You Take Your Memories With You

For months her friends urged her to make the phone call.
When Theresa finally did, she asked the REALTOR® to stop by her house that afternoon. She was tearful as she explained her situation.

“I’ve lived in this home for over 45 years. My husband and I raised our two children here, and since Harold passed away 5 years ago, I’ve tried keeping the place up by myself. I’m getting to an age, however, where it’s getting harder and harder for me. Last year I hired a grass-cutting service. Being handy, Harold, my husband would fix a leaky faucet, change the batteries in the smoke detectors, change the furnace air filter, repair and replace weather stripping, and just about everything else that needed doing. He seldom needed to call a maintenance man or contractor. I can and have been doing some of the small stuff but as things need attention, I’ve had to hire people and it is starting to cost more than I can really afford.

“My two children live out of town and Charlie, my son, helps when he visits. But he has his hands full with work and family of his own, and I don’t like to impose. My friends keep urging me to sell the home and move. Three of them live in an assisted living facility nearby and enjoy it. They have bridge nights and other events. Harold and I played bridge regularly with friends and I miss it. I did call the facility and they told me that there is a long waiting list.

“Truly, though, I’m torn about moving. Everywhere I look, I’m reminded of events shared with my husband, children and friends. It’s my home and very difficult to let go. Not living here is hard to imagine.

“My children too want me to sell. My daughter wants me to move to a senior facility near her in Barrie. That way we can see each other often. I’m very skeptical about that. To move out of my home is hard enough. But the thought of moving to another town where I don’t know anyone, that’s not something I am willing to entertain. At least here I know people and I still have a few friends I continue to see. Moving to that senior facility would be as much change as I want to take.

“’Theresa, you take your memories with you; you don’t leave them behind,’ my friend Gladys keeps saying. ‘Whenever you feel nostalgic, look at some of your pictures and they’ll take you to that time and place, helping you to relive some of your fondest memories.’”  

Theresa took the REALTORS® advice and got her name on the assisted living list. Within six months she received a phone call asking whether she would be willing to take a one bedroom suite that became available. She agreed, gave the required deposit and put her home on the market. She just kept saying, “You take your memories with you.”

Within 2 months the home sold and tearfully Theresa took one last look around. This time the home was empty of all her furnishings, pictures and memorabilia. At that moment it looked stark and lonely. She locked the door behind her, took one last look, got into the front seat of her daughter’s car and drove to her new home.

Theresa looks at her pictures often and enjoys bridge games with friends. One evening, sitting with her friend Gladys, she said, “You know Gladys, you were right. You do take your memories with you. The responsibility of maintaining my home doesn’t weigh me down anymore. When I drove away for the last time, I knew I was ready to move on.”

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