Sellers: from NAR’s Profile of Buyers/Sellers

The following is an excerpt on Sellers is from the

2018 Profile of Buyers and Sellers published by the National Association of Realtors.

This article will touch on some seller responses in 4 different areas:

They are:

  1. Home Sellers, Their Selling Experience, and Salespeople
  2.  More on Home Sellers and the Real Estate Professionals, and
  3. What Sellers Want Most from Real Estate Agents
  4. Most Important Factors in Choosing an Agent

Home Sellers, Their Selling Experience and Salespeople

The most cited reasons for selling their home were: the home was too small, the desire to move closer to friends and family and job relocation. How long did they live in their home? Typically 9 years. How many sellers worked with a real estate salesperson to sell their home? 91%, as sellers from every generation continue to turn to real estate professionals to market their home. Of those 82% of all sellers received the broad range of full services agents provide; only 9% requested limited services and another 9% listed on MLS with little or no additional services.

More on Home Selling and Real Estate Professionals

Some of the ways Sellers found their salesperson were these: 41% of Sellers found their agent from a friend, neighbour or relative and 23% used the agent they used previously to buy or sell a home. Other top methods used to find their agent are: 5% by direct contact from the salesperson (telephone, email, etc.); 5% Internet Website without a specific reference; 4% met agent at an open house; 2% through direct mail (newsletter, flyers, postcards) and 2% saw contact information on for sale/open sign.

Though 37% did not recommend their agent since selling their home, 32% recommended their agent three or more times.

What Sellers Want Most from Real Estate Agents,
by Level of Service Provided

Not surprisingly, 21% wanted help marketing their home to potential buyers and 20% wanted help to sell their home within a specific timeframe.  18% responded that they wanted their home priced competitively and 15% of the sellers wanted help finding ways to fix up their home to sell it for more. An additional 15% wanted help to find the buyer. Additional wants were:  assistance with negotiating, dealing with buyers and help with the paperwork and inspections.

Most Important Factors in Choosing an Agent

The reputation of the Agent: 34%

Agent is honest and trustworthy: 18%

Agent is a friend or family member: 16%

The salesperson’s knowledge of the neighbourhood: 12%

Caring personality and a good listener: 5%

Commission: 5%

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