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  Throughout history Duos have done amazing things. If you really think about it, we have had some truly awesome people who pooled their talents and were able to accomplish much more than each would have done on their own. Some of them did things that were actually good, such as Watson and Crick who led the way to discover the structure of DNA. Of course, there was Batman & Robin. What would Gotham be without them? There were others who were just as important but in slightly different ways. Today, in our popular culture we have many Duos who have brought us inspiring art in various forms. Simon & Garfunkel, Laverne & Shirley even Thelma & Louise, to name but a few. We also have notorious Duos such as Bonnie & Clyde. No matter how you slice it, Duos have left their mark.

 It’s no surprise then, that Fryer & McMillan is the latest in that long pedigree of great Duos. We can neither dance nor sing (at least not in public) but we are Artists in our own right. Our Art is in the way we approach the business of Real Estate. In fact, we don’t really approach it as a business, we approach it first as a passion – something we love and something that gives us pleasure. We are passionate about making our clients happy. In fact, happy is not good enough. We want you to be ecstatic. How do we ensure this? We use modern tools to make sure that your property gets the broadest possible exposure and that you are able to have access to the largest pool of properties if you are buying. However, our approach to client service is not modern, it’s old fashioned. From your first call to the last, you deal with us directly – no middle men, no delegation. We take responsibility for your satisfaction personally.


 Cows Mooove…People Transition Ok, so all the great Duos have some special feat, something they were famous for, something they did that became their special mark. What is ours? Our claim to fame is our Lifestyle Transition Services – we call it LTS for short. We won’t get technical here, it’s really simple. We recognize and understand that when you decide to sell your home and/or buy a home it is so much more than just a transaction. It represents huge changes for you, your children, your friends and your extended family, possibly even for your employment. You need someone who understands this and will assist you with the transaction and with all of the other attendant issues that arise from the transaction. We go beyond selling. We get to know you, your family and your interests. We take ALL the stress, and anxiety out of the process from the first call to well after you are in your new home. LTS is not just a service – it is a philosophy, a passion – our calling card. It is how we want you to think of us and how we think of ourselves. The biggest transition you will have in your life is finding a new place to call home and we are thrilled that you have asked us to be part of that. So, no we don’t have super-powers (Todd is really strong but super-powers, we think not)…we have super-attentiveness, super-caring, super-energy and super-integrity. That makes us a formidable Duo. Of course, if you are reading this you very well might be thinking that you have heard all of it before and no doubt you have. Why should you believe us? You shouldn’t! You should simply give us the opportunity to prove it to you and if we do not deliver on our promise then you’ll know just what to do. There is absolutely no obligation.

 Welcome to the NEW FryerMcmillan where “it’s more than just the sale”.

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