Shovel and Sell

Shovel & Sell

 Jan 31, 2011

 Here in the Golden Horseshoe area and all across North America everything is covered with Snow. Besides the obvious inconveniences it presents, it is particularly troubling for both Buyers and Sellers and for those of us who represent them. Let’s be honest, even the most beautiful home loses a little bit of its pizazz during winter especially when covered in snow. But what can we do to make sure that a Buyer can still see the hidden beauty and brilliance of the house? How do we prep a house in winter so that a Seller will be confident that the exterior presentation is optimal and that it will deliver the right curb appeal.

 Here are a few tips that will give your house colour even when covered in white.


 For Sellers, take pictures of your house during spring and summer when it is surrounded with beautiful flowers and the grass is greenest. Showcase the beautiful landscaping. Buyers want to see the house not just as it is now but they want to see it at its best.


For heavens sake shovel the snow. Make sure all walkways, driveways are cleared – properly cleared. Go a step further, clear front-facing windows and sills. If you have evergreens and they are covered grab a broom and get rid of the snow. The green will be a beautiful contrast against the white snow. In fact, it may be a good idea to even leave some shrubs from Summer even if they are brown. Even dried vegetation can sometimes be attractive during the winter and helps to frame the house.

 The Back

 People often ignore the back of the house and we understand why. Who wants to go in the backyard when it’s covered in 30cm of snow? If you have a Patio or a Deck you should make sure that you clear it of snow and showcase those all important add-ons. Talking about your beautiful Teak Deck with custom finishes is not quite the same as allowing the buyer to see it. Buyers may not go back there but they will want to look from inside.


 It’s winter and it is sometimes dreary but find a few ways to make the place feel and look warm. Focus on lighting – especially the use of natural light. Open up those drapes and blinds, turn off the ceiling lights and use lamps to create warmth and ambiance. Finally, perhaps most importantly, shovel away the winter doldrums from yourself! Put a smile on your own face, make yourself energetic – it’s contagious.

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