Spring! It’s here and Still the Best Time to Sell

 Spring! It’s Here and Still the Best Time to Sell

Over the winter months, many people we talked to voiced interest in buying or selling come spring.
Well Spring has arrived and continues to be the best time to sell. Spring is a time of renewal, regeneration and recovery, holding the promise of flowers blossoming, trees budding and lawns greening.

Spring weather inspires and invigorates us, and the bug for home-buying is at its peak. Buyers are starting to react to the cabin fever effect of a long, cold winter, and, already, Open Houses are attracting more buyers, and home showings are on the rise. It’s a small window of opportunity with little time to waste.

So what do you do? Have your REALTOR® come through your home for an opinion of what needs to be fixed, cleaned, painted and decluttered for your home to show its best. Good planning, preparation and a little money can pay big dividends. It’s key to have someone look at your home from a buyer’s eyes, and buyers—more picky than ever--look for homes in move-in condition, with no repairs needed.

What’s your reason for selling? Without a good reason or clear direction, sellers typically do not cooperate with market trends and overprice their homes--the kiss of death in today’s selling environment. Like rowing against the current you move backwards, away from your destination. It can be a frustrating experience that leads to no sale, stress and disappointment. Talk to your REALTOR® candidly about this. Pricing is a primary marketing strategy to attracting ready, willing and able buyers.     

Be flexible without necessarily compromising a lot. Negotiating is not a tug-of-war to hold out for every single dollar. You don’t want to give your house away, yet you don’t want to scare buyers and their agents away either. Keep your reason for moving--where you want your life to head--in the forefront and you’ll do fine.

A Century 21 professional can help you get to where you want to go while achieving sound selling results.

·         *Source Century 21 News Today Volume 5 Issue 4 2009, Author Eugene Pilato Broker