Over 100 ActionsTodd Completes When Selling Your Home




Over 100 Actions Todd Completes When Selling Your Home


Listed here are over 100 typical actions, research steps, procedures, processes and review stages in a successful residential real estate transaction that are normally provided by Todd in return for his fee for service. Depending on the transaction, some may take minutes, hours, or even days to complete while some may not be needed. More importantly, they reflect the level of skill, knowledge and attention to detail required in today’s real estate transaction, underscoring the importance of having help and guidance from someone who fully understands the process.


And never forget that Todd pledges to uphold the stringent, enforceable tenets of the

REALTOR® Code of Ethics in his professional dealings with you and the public.


Pre-Appointment Activities:

1. Make appointment with you, the prospective Seller for a consultation

2. Ask you a series of questions to help prepare for the consultation.

 At the Appointment:

3. Explain the meeting purpose and process which helps Todd understand your needs, explain to you the real estate selling process and to perform a visual inspection of the subject property (inside, outside and nearby properties).

4. From a pre-written questionaire, ask you a number of questions that will help ensure all upgrades, improvements and/or defects are noted to properly and accurately make

an assessment of the property.

5. Arrange a second appointment to discuss researched findings.

6. Measure property (internal measurements).

7. Take initial photos for research purposes.

8. Perform exterior "Curb Appeal Assessment" of subject property.

Back at the Office:

9. Verify legal names of owner(s) in public property records.

10. Research property’s public record information for lot size and dimensions.

11. Research and verify legal description.

12. Research all comparable properties currently listed for sale.

13. Research sales activity for past 8 months from MLS database and public records databases.

14. Research “Average Days on Market” for properties of similar type, price range and locations.

15. Research all expired listings and price-reduced properties in your neighbourhood and contact other Realtors to find out why they did not sell or have been reduced.

16. Research property’s current use and zoning.

17. Prepare “Comparable Market Analysis” (CMA) to establish fair market value.

18. Prepare pricing presentation analysis package with above materials.

19. Compile and assemble formal file on property with privacy information.

20. Confirm current public schools and explain impact of schools on market value.

21. Review pricing perpetration checklist to ensure all steps and actions have been completed.

22. Call to confirm date and time of appointment and confirm that all legal owners will be present.

 Appointment Presentation:

23. Share with you an overview of current market conditions and projections.

24. Review Todd's and his company's credentials and accomplishments in the market.

25. Present Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) results to you, and explain the process of arriving at value.

26. Discuss pricing strategy based on your circumstances, interpretation of current

market conditions and Realtor's (Todd's) professional judgment.

27. Discuss strategy and goals with you to market your property effectively.

28. Explain market power and benefits of Multiple Listing Service.

29. Explain market power of Web Base Marketing.

30. Explain the work the brokerage and Todd does “behind the scenes" and his

availability on weekends and after business hours.

31. Explain Todd’s role in taking calls to screen for qualified buyers and protect you, the

Seller, from curiosity seekers.

32. Present and discuss strategic master marketing plan.

33. Explain different 'Representation' relationships and determine your preference.

34. Review and explain all clauses in the Listing Contract, the Addendum and obtain your signature.

35. Explain 'Privacy Policy' with you and obtain written acknowledgement.

36. Explain 'FINTRAC Policy' with you and obtain proof of government approved identification of all Seller(s) and record the information.

37. Assist you with completion of Seller's Property Information Statement.

38. Provide you with signed copies of Listing Agreement and all other signed documents.

Once Property is under signed contract with CENTURY 21 Aberwin Realty Inc.:

39. Discuss with you what needs to be done to prepare the property for showings.

40. Discuss the entire appointment showing process and what you need to do for showings.

41. Explain showing instructions for buyers' agents and discuss showing time window

with property availability.

42. Explain the benefits and safety of using an electronic lockbox for property access.

43. Obtain a key from you and check that it works properly.

44. Obtain copy of survey, if available.

45. Note any and all unrecorded property lines, agreements, easements.

46. Obtain current mortgage loan(s) information: companies and loan account numbers.

47. Verify current loan information with Lender(s).

48. Check if loan(s) can be assumed and check if there are any special requirements.

49. Discuss possible Buyer financing alternatives and options with Seller (VTB).

50. Obtain property taxes, utility costs for the property, plus all operating expenses. Obtain copies of all rental or lease contracts.

51. Calculate average utility usage from last 12 months of bills.

52. If there is a security system in the home, verify current term of service and whether owned or leased or transferable. Have Seller (you) program a separate code for Realtors plus a password for Realtors in case of false alarms.

53. Prepare detailed list of property's "Inclusions & Conveyances with Sale".

54. Compile list of completed repairs with receipts and any maintenance items.

55. Prepare detailed list of property amenities.

56. Verify if property has rental units involved. And if so:

57. Make copies of all leases for retention in listing file.

58. Verify all rents and deposits.

59. Inform tenants of listing and discuss how showings will be handled.

60. Take 'staged' photos for upload to Realtor.ca, CENTURY 21's Showcase 21 webpage, feature sheets and flyers.

 Within 48 Hours of Listing Your Property:

61. Arrange for installation of a CENTURY 21 yard sign complete with contact information.

62. Install a lockbox if authorized by the owner.

63. Load listing into transaction management software program.

64. Entering detailed property information on to 'Realtor Base' intranet -Multiple Listing

Service database.

65. Forward information from database to publicly viewed Realtor.ca (MLS) on website.

66. Proofread MLS listing for accuracy - including proper placement in mapping function.

67. Add property information to company's Active Listings database.

68. Provide all Seller contact information for property showings to office administration. Review and confirm accuracy of any specific showing instructions.

69. Prepare 'Feature Sheet' for potential clients to have as a take-away after property


70. Upload listing information to Todd's personal web site, Company website, CENTURY 21 Corporate web site and Realtor intranet site.

Marketing Your Property:

71. Create print and Internet marketing materials.

72. Buy your property web address for easy to find from the web property information.

73. Cross check new listing with buyer database (this database is forever changing).

74. Generate mail-merge letters to contact list.

74. Prepare “Just Listed” flyer

75. Prepare e-mail feedback for showings.

76. E-mail all CENTURY 21 Aberwin Realtors about new office listing.

77. Advise Network Referral Program of listing.

78. Coordinate showings with you, tenants, and other Realtor(s)®

79. Provide marketing data to Buyers coming through international relocation networks

80. Discuss feedback from showings and determine if changes are required to help facilitate the sale.

81. Review comparable MLS listings regularly to ensure property remains competitive in price, terms, conditions and availability.

82. On a weekly basis, keep you informed and up to date on all activity.

The Offer and Contract:

83. Receive and review all Agreement of Purchase and Sales contracts submitted by

Buyers or Buyers' Realtor. Note, only offers in writing will be considered.

84. If there is a cooperating Realtor involved: call Realtor to review Buyer's qualifications and discuss offering.

85. Evaluate offer and consult you on possible options. Explain merits and weakness of

each component of the offer. Negotiate on your behalf, gauge the Buyers’ financial

limits, determine areas where there may be some give and take, keep the negotiations moving and on track.

86. Prepare and convey any counter offers, acceptance or amendments to Buyer's


87. When Agreement of Purchase and Sale contract is accepted and signed by you, give you your signed copy and a copy to the Buyer's Realtor.

88. Record receipt of deposit cheque received by Buyer and deposit into CENTURY 21

Capital Realty Inc. Trust Account.

89. Disseminate "Under-Contract Showing Restrictions" as you may request.

90. Change status in MLS to “Conditionally sold (Sale Pending).”

91. Update transaction management program to show "Conditionally Sold.”

92. Provide copies of signed Agreement of Purchase and Sale contract to office administrator.

93. Fax copies of contract and all addendums to your Lawyer.

94. Track the loan process and any other conditions that may have been part of the

Offer to Purchase.

95. Coordinate Buyer's professional home inspection with you.

96. Advise you on what to do in preparation for home inspection.

97. Following the inspection, inform you of any concerns or objections the Buyer may have and advise you accordingly.

98. In a timely fashion, make sure all documentation pertaining to the Buyer's condition

is received.

99. Acknowledge, in writing, the date and time such documentation was received.

100. Inform you that all condition(s) are fulfilled and your property is SOLD and provide you with copies of such documentation.

101. Change all listing information to SOLD.

102. Change For Sale yard sign to SOLD sign.

103. Forward copies of all documentation to your Lawyer including Realtor's invoice for completing the transaction process.

104. Shake hands with yet another satisfied customer.

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