Kelowna Christmas

Christmas in Kelowna,

I have lived in and around Kelowna for many years (35 to be precise) so I have seen the city grow; I love it. As I have said many times, they let my family in from the prairies so I guess we can let more in. Kelowna around Christmas is a great place to be; we don’t get too cold and we don’t get a lot of snow. If you want any of that take the 45 min drive up to Big White and you will get plenty of both. I come from a small city just outside of Winnipeg, and here is what I remember about Christmas there. The main street is all lit up with lights and the snow is whistling down the street as it is always windy. People would enjoy cross country skiing and taking their snowmobiles out to the lakes and cabins. On December 24th we would get all dressed up and go to church and listen or have to participate in the Christmas program. At the end of the program we would receive Christmas bags full of peanuts, one orange and candy. Then we would go home and be so excited on the ride out to the farm that was 3 miles out of town because it was time to open the Christmas presents (we are German and that is a German Tradition). The next morning, Christmas day, it was off the see family and on one side of the family I had 72 cousins…. Yup it was a full house but we loved it. Then back home at about midnight and the next morning off to the other side of the family (a lot smaller only 3 cousins). So that was it - in as they say “the good ol’ days”. What do I look forward today in Kelowna? Let’s go over what Kelowna has to offer. The first thing that lets us all know that Christmas is coming is the Giant tree light-up at the Landmark buildings, then you hear that the Rockets are off on their prairie swing to play a few games on Christmas break (I am not sure how the Hamiltons always get their way with this). Mike Roberts and CHBC are now busy raising money with the Good News bears campaign for the local food banks. So it’s beginning to feel like Christmas. But we are still 12 days away or more. Bernard Ave, now gets free Saturday parking and the lights start to shine downtown. So I take a drive down town in the evening and I throw my skates in the back seat as I can enjoy a skate at Stewart Park. Once down there I see that Kerry Park received a donation from Jerry and now that corner is all full of JOY. I think as I look at the lights that it will more than likely be just a few more years when all the sailboats will start to have lights all the way up their masses at the Yacht Club. The city is looking good and then as we approach Christmas Eve, I remember Trinity Church. Oh ya, I have to get my free tickets, this is a can’t miss every year. I go Online and check the service times and book my seats. Christmas is here, I sit back and enjoy the production and remember what Christmas real means… Mary Joseph and JESUS, Love, Joy, Peace. That is what this season is all about. I am fortunate to have my side of the family close, so we gather at our place on the 25th after, of course, the 24th in the evening when we open gifts with just my family and play board games.

Yes Christmas in Kelowna is one of the Best if you just take time to get out and enjoy it all!

Merry Christmas

Todd Loeppky

Todd Loeppky

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