The Art of Negotiating

The Art of Negotiating:                                                                                           Nov 4 2011

Before I can speak to this Art some may say what gives you the knowledge on this topic. Let me state my case and see if I can gain any support from people who read this blog.

I at a young age of 16 started to learn this craft. I can remember sitting with my father in a seminar, teaching old rounder car sales how to squeeze a extra hundred dollars out of a client in order to make the sale. My father was the sales person who would go to these dealerships and fill up these seminars by explaining to the owners that he had the tools to help their salespeople make the extra money to make their dealerships more profitable.

I was lucky because at the age of 16, my virgin ears were raw and I was eager to learn. For two summers that was my job, assist my father in selling these seminars and than being able to sit in and learn the art. This was the mid 80’s and some of the names we Zig Zigler, Jackie B Cooper, Keith Hawkings, Bill Gibson. These were the pro’s and I was a sponge. So what did I learn?

What I am about to tell you is that you can listen to a lot of people who claim to know things but you have to ask yourself who do you listen to? The answer to this question is, listen to someone that has walked the walk , who has been there and do it. They have been to the school of hard Knox and failed and did not quit, they got up and dusted themselves off and stepped back into the ring to try again and succeed. Many people will teach or say there experts but have not succeeded or even stepped into the ring

So why listen to me? Ever since that day when I was 16, I knew I was a born salesman. I started it the car business at 19 years old, and it only took me two days to sell my first car. ( It was a demo and I sold it for 500.00 over MSRP) my sales manager at the time new that I had something different. Since then I have Sold car’s for over 20 years, being and manager and owning my own car dealership. I have been involved in over 10,000 deals and have learned the Art of Negotiating. I have moved on from the car business and now am involved in Real- estate in Kelowna.

So here is the thing, how do you start? Well it is simple educate yourself on what you are buying or selling. Make sure you know what the market is bearing for the item you are selling or buying. I use to chuckle when someone would sit across the deck from me and say I would like to make an offer on this car. I would say that’s great, what would you like to offer? Than they would stop and get confused and shift in there seat, look away from me and sheepishly say. I am not sure but I can afford XXXX. It didn’t matter what they did I had them and if they had the money it was mine. They did not educate themselves to know anything about the product or the competition. They had a price that they had come up with based on the money they had saved up. I would simply ask them one question? So I how did you arrive at that Number. Their answer was again that is what I can afford. The big thing to remember is that there are a lot of ways to get more money. A good salesman will now start to suggest different way to get you money so that you can afford the price he wants to sell you the item for. Remember to take your time and educate yourself so you know what a proper value should be on the item you are purchasing. Be ready to answer the question, so how did you arrive at that number.

My next blog will take you to terms that are used to get you to spend more or help you save when Negotiating..

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