Whats in a Saleperson

Let me start this blog by posing a simple question. How do you find a good
salesman / saleswomen?

The reason I pose that question is over the past 2 months, I have been
forced to look at what it takes to be a good salesperson. I look back and
see that both my Father and my Grandfather were both salespeople. I remember
going through high school and it rarely came up when you looked at career
choices. I have yet to see a college course or university degree for
salespeople. Well when I was in high school I choose the same career as my
forefathers. So let’s see what it takes; why there are no post-secondary

I have been in sales for 25 years. I have had to be a counsellor, when
people ask me a personal question. I have had to be a Lawyer - although not
a Lawyer, I give advice and make sure they check with a Lawyer for answers.
I have had to be an accountant - all though not an accountant, I assist
people with budgets, financial planning and other related matters. Although
not a mechanic, I assist people with common knowledge and once again refer
them to the expert. Although not a plumber or electrician, do the same. I
think you get the picture…. So what does it take to be a salesperson?
Simply you have to be the person that knows everyone. You need to be the
person that knows the best Lawyer, Accountant, Mortgage Broker, Plumber,
Electrician, Mechanic, Doctor, Pastor, etc. So when your customers call, you
can with be there for them. I had a friend hear, from his pastor during a
message, the question - if your car breaks down on a remote highway at 2 AM,
who do you call? Well he called his salesman…, because he knew I could help.
So the question that I asked at the beginning, “How do you find a good

Here is the answer. Ask a question that you know the answer to that is
personal. If the salesperson answers the question with honesty and integrity
and speaks the truth even if they have nothing to gain, you know that you
have met a friend that will not sell you the song and dance, that will be
with you even in those times in life when you’re in the pit or the
unexpected happens….. That is when you find a salesman.

No university or college offers this degree, because on paper it’s just too

Todd Loeppky

Todd Loeppky

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