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Early in September, I was asked to coach the Fort Saskatchewan Bantam AA Rangers. With 2 years of  experience being an Assistant Coach on my resume, I felt I was ready to take on the responsibilities of being the Head Coach. Over the first month, I have already learnt some valuable lessons that can be applied to everyday life.

1. Be honest, concise, and sincere- Releasing players is by far the most daunting task of being a coach. Explaining to a young teenager why he isn't able to play for the team is no easy challenge. Throughout the process I learnt to take time and explain why I made the decision I did and personalize it to each individual. We all have to make decisions, that's a part of life. And usually they include other people of different ages, genders, and relationships. If you're honest while being respectful, clear in what you're saying, and keep your thoughts relevant to the conversation, than you're credibility as a coach or real estate agent only solidifies. 


2. Give feedback- Early on, there was miscommunication between myself and a player. He wasn't sure as to why I played different players in a certain situation and took it very personally. I have learnt that giving feedback is probably the most crucial form of communication to generate a healthy relationship. It is important to keep others in the know throughout. If not, they may take it the complete opposite way as intended leading to a breakdown in communication and usually some hurt feelings.


Im sure I will learn more valuable lessons from 13 and 14 year olds  throughout the year that I can apply to my Real Estate Career!

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