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Tom McEvoy

Tom McEvoy Affiliated Real Estate Agent

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264 Front Street
Belleville, ONK8N 2Z2
Office: 613-967-2100
Cell: 613-242-1045
Toll Free: 1-877-752-5558
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New Business Coming to Downtown Belleville!

Out walking back from lunch today I saw a sign being put up over a recently vacated store front. What is this place going to be called? Gourmet Diem. I hope they get to open before the holidays. It looks very promising. Here is the blurb I found about them on the Belleville and District Chamber of Commerce Website: Gourmet Diem is a Cafe, cookware, and specialty food store. We sell coffee, tea, ...

Preparing your Real Estate Assets for Winter

I believe I have seen some snow flakes today. Mother nature is warning us that she is going to be making some changes around here. The switch in seasons has reminded me of times when the winter has done damage to real estate in the circle of people I know. If I had a nickel for every time a pipe froze and burst in a property of someone I know, I would probably have about fifteen cents. In my opinion, ...

Construction has begun!

A few weeks back the bridge that connects Bridge Street East to Bridge Street West was closed until the fall of this year. Construction to better the downtown core has begun! It is wonderful to be able to see infrastructure improvements happening in the downtown core at long last. Water mains, existing sewers, storm sewers, and underground service and utilites wil all be upgraded where needed. ...

Why The Build Belleville Project is Great, Regardless of Where it Ends Up

There has been, quite literally, a great divide in the citizens of Belleville and their concerns over the Build Belleville project. Some side with the "leave it alone" attitude which is worrisome because we are a growing city with a fragile and dated infrastructure that needs repairs and upgrades to support growth and avoid a continued infrastructure deficit in the futute. Some think the project has ...

First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

Are you a first time home buyer? Do you know about the first time home buyer tax credit? In 2009 the federal government of Canada has introduced a taxable credit for when you are ready to purchase your first property. The credit is a non refundable tax credit you can claim if you purchase a qualified home that can reduce your federal income tax that you pay. This is reported on line 369 of your ...

Build Belleville

In the past few years, there have been numerous changes to the great city of Belleville. Mayor Neil Ellis has taken a proactive approach to building up this city and helping us bridge the gap to get us to that next level. The Mayor has pointed out the all too important fact that we need to invest into the basic needs of our city. Along with correcting the major infrastructure issues, Belleville also ...

City of Belleville Facade Program

City of Belleville- Façade Improvement Program General Eligibility Criteria All proposed improvement projects will be assessed under three main considerations: 1. Consistencies with these design guidelines and the original architectural design of the building. 2. The extent to which a project improves the overall appearance of the property and of adjacent and nearby buildings. ...

Tom's Biography

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Tom has been bringing his expertise in residential, commercial and investment real estate for over 6 years. With family and friends in the surrounding Quinte region, Tom has built a reliable and trust worthy relationship with the Belleville community. Tom’s genuine passion for real estate and the Belleville area have made him a trusted and reputable agent. ...

Ontario’s economic Performance and Rental Market Trends and Forecast:

Within Canada, Ontario’s economic performance has been mixed, with construction of commercial properties overflowing and the housing market maintaining its upward path despite some overvalued markets (GTA).[1] Ontario produces 37% of Canada’s GDP and 38% of Canada’s merchandise exports. [2] Households have shown increased caution with respect to spending, due to the weakening retail ...

2012 Economic Overview

Canada’s Economic Overview: After the long recession and the ripple effects that impacted the economy since 2008, Canada’s economic growth in 2012 is not expected to come in below 2% in 8 of 10 provinces and less than 3% in nation leading Alberta and Saskatchewan, TD’s Economic Trends reports.[1] This is due in part to the high levels of risk still associated with Europe and the ...