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Tom McEvoy

Tom McEvoy Affiliated Real Estate Agent

CENTURY 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage*
264 Front Street
Belleville, ONK8N 2Z2
Office: 613-967-2100
Cell: 613-242-1045
Toll Free: 1-877-752-5558
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How To: Get the Most Out of Your Listings Online!

How To: Get the Most Out of Your Listings Online! By: Tom McEvoy Sales Representative Century 21 Lanthorn Belleville This is really about how best to drive traffic with listings to our personal Agent Century 21 page. There are some elements of the Century 21 page, traffic stats, lead capture, that we don’t get the benefit from on the MLS system. I have to give credit to Joy Humphrey initially bringing ...

Great Returns on Minimum Investment: How to Cash in on a Renovation Without Spending Big

I know of a client or two who are thinking of selling or renovating their single family homes, so in keeping with a spring cleaning theme, and the momentum of the market picking up, here is some information about renovations on single family homes. It is about how to spend the minimum amount of money to retrieve the best return on investment. The good news is you don't have to break the bank to ...

Retiring Rich via Real Estate Investment

Scenario 1: You are in your 20's or 30's and you are really starting to take momentum with your career. You may even have a spouse and a few kids by now! You may not. For some people at this age, you may be noticing what the generation before you is doing with their golden years (your parents). With the bulk of the baby boomers just around the corner from retirement, it can be eye-opening to see ...

Why do I have Ice on my Roof?

On my brief drive from home to the office there is one house in particular that gets an epic icicle between its South facing roof and the peak above their front door. Every year the icicle gets so big it eventually touches the ground, and then it continues to grow thicker and thicker each day. I think last years must have been two feet wide. Last year when I noticed it, I thought it was just because ...

Summary of the 2015 Property Forecast for Ontario

In keeping with my previous post about maintaining a healthy perspective on market forecasts, I will try to follow my own advice summarizing my findings. According to Canadian Real Estate Magazine (December/January 2015 Issue), Ontario is said to continue reaping the benefits of on-going housing sales and population growth. Ontario's steady source of immigration, it's existing large ...

A Little Perspective on Market Fluctuations and Real Estate Forecasting

Right after some radio or news personality goes on and on about market downturns in Canada I often get asked how my career is doing in regards to the economy. In these instances, I always feel like the person asking me is expecting some horrible news in that I suddenly can't make due in life and have to sell the family cow. They are often surprised when I don't have much to say other ...

One of the safest investments you can make: Self Storage

For decades, self storage facilities have been an underestimated investment, until recently when their long term statistics began to speak for themselves. The amount of self storage facilities has certainly increased over the years, as occupancy in existing facilities began to rise and the market loosened it's financial grip. Also, banks are now increasing their flexibility with lending to investors ...

When do I need a building permit?

I get asked this question on occasion and my answer is, it would be easier to tell you when you don't need a building permit.  When do you need a building permit? If you construct a new building, renovate, repair or add to a building, demolish or remove all or a portion of a building, change a building's use, install, change or remove interior, exterior or load-bearing walls, make new openings ...

For the Snowbirds- A note on preparing your house for your trips abroad

As the winter finally settles onto more begrudgingly seasonable temperatures, and the last of the Christmas tree skeletons is cast onto the curb for several weeks, for some the response is to pull out the toques, gloves, and those awesome snow pants. Other people have a very different response, which is to pack up their cabana clothes and get the next ticket south. Whatever the reason for ...

A look at some of downtown Belleville's new businesses

I went for a wander today to take a closer look at some one downtown's brand new businesses. I stopped in at Belleville Fit Body Bootcamp at 286 Front Street, and Gourmet Diem at 249 Front Street. Fit Body's owner, Cathy, has done a fantastic job of renovating the space. The gym has high ceilings, tons of natural sunlight, (as the entire side of the building is one big window), and some ...