How To: Get the Most Out of Your Listings Online!

How To: Get the Most Out of Your Listings Online!

By: Tom McEvoy Sales Representative Century 21 Lanthorn Belleville

This is really about how best to drive traffic with listings to our personal Agent Century 21 page. There are some elements of the Century 21 page, traffic stats, lead capture, that we don’t get the benefit from on the MLS system. I have to give credit to Joy Humphrey initially bringing this to my attention. I have since done some split testing and google searches of my own listings to test the process. If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to add as they will help us all. Note: having Broker load status is helpful as you get to determine when the info is posted on the MLS system. Additional note: this process will take longer to go live on MLS so make sure to prepare your seller clients for an approx 2-3 day timeline. You can send them the Century 21 listing for their review to help with that.

  1. Post the listing to first. Make sure to select ‘no updates’ from the MLS system. Register the custom domain, register the google ad word. Critical: minimum 21 photos (good photos go a long way). Utilize the Century 21 tools as much as possible, all of these items give us an advantage over other companies currently. I like to simplify the custom domain as much as possible, so it may require an approval process that takes a day.  As well I like to view the listing from the public side to see what the customer will see, sometimes I come across additional items that require fixing. 
  2. Then next day post the custom web domain to social media, with a call to action. Try to make it reference something unique about the property or the type of buyer that it would appeal to, not just “check out my new listing”, people will be much more likely to click through if you do. Currently I am posting to: Twitter, facebook, google+, linkedIn. Active Rain is another, but it is more of a Realtor blogging site.
  3. Same day post to MLS system. Make sure all photos are uploaded before going live, also include in the virtual tour link the custom domain for the property, this will drive traffic from MLS to your personal site. In my experience is is best to prepare a listing and keep it as “pending” status, then first thing in the morning post it as active. This will determine the most amount of other agents will view the listings on the Hot Sheet throughout the day. Note: this doesn’t necessarily drive traffic to C21, but is just good practice.

Test The Results

  1. Try to google the property address of the listing. What shows up first? If you did it right your name should show up at the top of the screen with the C21 listing.
  2. Try to google the address of one of your previously uploaded listings. What shows up first? For me it is WELL I WANT TO BE FIRST! Stats show that consumers are substantially more likely to click the first organic result over anything else that shows on the search results page.

Give it a try yourself, I am interested to hear your results. Tom

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