Tony Capozzi

Tony Capozzi

Real Estate Broker
CENTURY 21 Vision
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Welcome to my Website

I have been a Real Estate broker since 1993. 

I work in the following markets:

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Homes/Condos 

Strength and Experience

  • Strong Due Diligence. 
  • Risk Evaluation.
  • Financial Analysis. 
  • Supervision of the Building Inspection Process
  • Vast Network of Industry Professionals at my Disposal.


Once you grasp the meaning of that sentence, you will find Real Estate a lot easier. 

Everyone in a Real Estate transaction is looking out for themselves. Whenever possible, always ask advice from someone who's best interest is to look after you! 

Never rely on advice from someone across the table from you. Always rely on the person sitting on your side of the table.

When you are purchasing a property, always make sure you have your own Broker. He/She doesn't cost you anything, and they are looking out for you, not the Vendor. 

It's also extremely important that you have proper representation at the property inspection. The Seller's team will never find a major problem in a property. You need a Broker who's willing to council you to walk away from a purchase in the presence of major problems. 

It's not fun, but sometimes, it needs to be done! 





Do as hockey players do!
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