Welcome to Cramahe Township!

The Township of Cramahe, including the village of Colborne, has adopted a "Vision Plan" whose goal is to offer the best possible community for present and future residents.

The plan reaches all aspects of life in the township, including the quality of municipal services, recreational facility expansion and zoning to ensure the best use of the land, together with health service delivery.

Cramahe Township extends north from Lake Ontario to Trent Hills.  The village of Colborne makes up one-third of the townships population.

There is potential for residential development on both the Lake Ontario shoreline and the hills and valleys to the north.  The township strives to maintain its rural acreage with development occuring only in areas not designated for agriculture.  One objective of the Vision Plan is to ensure the area hosts a mixture of working farms and homes built specifically for retirees and others who wish to experience rural living. 

The Vision Plan also calls for creation of new business in the township.  The Colborne Industrial Park is home to several businesses, the largest of these being Canada Colours and Chemical Ltd., a plastics industry supplier.  Other businesses in the area are secondary suppliers for transportation, communications and energy servicing industries.  On the lakefront, St. Lawrence Cement maintains a quarry with lake-shipping pier.

The Lower Trent Region Conservation Authority's mandate is to protect the area's environmental resources.

The area has seen growth in the trades and service sector as a result of the township's role as a tourist destination and residential community.  As well as bringing tourists into the area, Highway 401 links the township to major urban centres such as Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston, Oshawa and Toronto.

The Big Apple restaurant and bakery, located at the intersection of Highway 401 and County Road #25 in Colborne, is home to the area's larges, year round tribute to the apple.  A 35 foot tall replica of a shiny red apple is the restaurants signature, clearly visible from Highway 401.  The Big Apple and its surrounding theme parkland is a major tourist attraction.

Colborne is home to the world renowned and award-winning Hoselton Sculptures.  The aluminum sculptures capture the essence of Canada.  The showroom is open seven days a week for retail sales.

The Castleton General Store in the village of Castleton is one of the stops in Cramahe for those who appreciate vintage design.  The store still contains its original wood floors and deals hardware the old-fashioned way.  Nearby is the Kokimo candle factory.  It welcomes drop-in customers.

There are three elementary schools, one in Castleton, one in Colborne, and one north of Colborne in the rural area.  There are libraries in both Colborne and Castleton.

The Keeler Centre is a modern, two-level facility with separate spaces for community events, recreation and arena.

Cramahe Township has a strong rural history, with heritage farmhouses and a patchwork of rural meadows, fields and waterways, combined with a promising and progressive outlook on the future.

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